February 16, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 07
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Lipstick and Lust
Soap operas all over the place; thoughts on the Northwest Flower and Garden Show; and Happy 'V' Day Weekend thoughts to you all
Soap operas all over the place; thoughts on the Northwest Flower and Garden Show; and Happy 'V' Day Weekend thoughts to you all by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Odin, Oschun and Shiva, life is pretty strange of late, with 'soap opera vixen' going from 'the hot seat', to being the little pain she can be, even more so. But, not to worry, This one has big plans for the 'V' Day weekend ahead that'll cancel out any of 'sov's' mean, little ministrations. In fact, The Kid here, has three sweeties, including an online one she hopes to meet in another week, when my dear friend Brei and I go dancing in Tacoma (and I promise to tell you all about it, for shizzle!). Until then, my new Wet Spot honey and I are set to paint the town (or at least the inside of the Wet Spot) red with passion, when we meet up again on Saturday night. More on that later, tootsies!

But, before my addled little brain forgets, something must be said. Why are there no Black gardeners at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show? And why am I the only Black reporter (who gets treated with a cold shoulder by The Very Unfriendly White Women every year), who covers the show? Do no other Black reporters exist in this town, and why don't they cover the show too, and why don't the organizers of the F&G seek out some Black folks to 'hook them up' to the publicity folks and get some Black folks up in there at the Convention Center? I mean, I might have a 'brown thumb', but I know some Black women who do garden and very well, thank you very much, and my grandmothers were both into gardening, with one in the Garden Club in her neighborhood. So, let this be a notice to those folks who put on the NWF&G Show, get some Black folks in there, and you ladies who are giving me 'the freeze', unbunch your undies and let some flavah in your life. Hey, you never know, the show could really profit and we all know how creative Black folks are in other areas of this city, so how 'bout it F&G folks, next year, some Black folks and some love to the one Black reporter who covers the show every danged year? Fo shizzle!

Okay, now that that has been on the broadcast, let's move on to what I tried and loved in the cosmetics department. First of all, if you haven't checked out that new salon/spa Swoon, (part of those new condos at 15th and Pine -- not a fan of the expensive condos, but love the spa), honey you should get on over there. I ducked in on Sunday before the Galactic Boutique 'V' Day event, and got samples of their delicious Glominineral ' gloPressed Base'. To die for, let me tell you and so much better than those gloopy foundations that make me look dead. Also try one of their lipsticks (I tried 'Snapdragon' and love it to death), which come in an assortment of great colors. Also tried one of the lipsticks in the Lavera line (the rep was back in the store and I had to get some new samples), and Lavera's 'Moisturizing Fluid', both of which are absolutely tasty and make me look gorgeous. And finally, if you are getting older (and who isn't, honey?), then I highly recommend Murad's 'Night Reform Treatment', which makes you look like you're well rested and happy.

I think Ms. Rickie Lee Jones (who was on Letterman last week), could have used some of this stuff, as she looked a little 'slapped, flipped and turned over'. Baby, go to fashion rehab, please! But the song did sound good, and her voice is as good as ever, maybe even a little better than I remember from when I used to listen to her in Chi-town (Chicago) before I moved here. Oh, and on a last note, you folks who keep trying to run a sistuh down with your monster SUVs and little snitty cars, be warned. I am capable of pulling you from that vehicle and bitch slapping you upside the head in a New York minute, so just stop it, stop it! Other than that, be nice to each other, check out the L&L blog (Google Lipstick and Lust or go to the SGN website and click on same) and do e-mail me at No spam, please, thank you. Buhbye my little Valentine's heart candy.

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