February 16, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 07
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Gay Hiking Group: Out and about in the great Northwest
Gay Hiking Group: Out and about in the great Northwest
by Martin Flight - Special to the SGN

Interested in getting "out" more often? Tired of staying home alone on Sundays? Want to explore and experience Mother Nature up close? Need to get into shape for the spring and summer months? Interested in meeting new people and making new friends? You need search no further than the Seattle Gay Hiking Group - Out and about on the trail since 1968!

We hike trails in the Cascades Mountains, the lowlands of Puget Sound and the high deserts of Eastern Washington. In the summer months, we swim (naked if you so wish) in remote alpine lakes (usually all to ourselves) - surrounded by majestic mountain peaks. What more could you desire? We hike every Sunday, year round, rain or shine.

With destinations such as: Lummi Peak, Oyster Dome, Lake Hancock, Stossel Creek, Yakima Canyon, Norse Peak, Libby Beach, Shriner Peak, Panorama Point, Domerie Peak, Long's Pass, Volcanic Peak, Granite Lake, Loch Katrina, Silver Peak, Kendall Katwalk, Earl Peak, Mt. Baldy Bald, Johnson Creek Tunnel, Hemlock Pass, Park Butte Lookout, Paddy Go Easy Pass, Ebey's Landing, John Wayne Trail, Chuckanut Mtns, Hidden Lake, Fragrance Lake, Lost Lake, Burroughs Mountain, Snowshoe Falls, Mt. Walker, Mt. Sugarloaf, and even a place called Adnar -- the Seattle Gay Hiking Group will hike there. You can too!

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned hiker, you are welcome to hike (or walk) the trails and explore the Northwest's natural wonders with us. It's also about being with other gay and/or Bi folks of all age groups who enjoy being out and about in the great Northwest! Women are welcome too!

We meet every Sunday in the Uptown Espresso, on the NE corner of Republican and Westlake Ave (south end of Lake Union) at 8:30 a.m. We choose our destination and hit the road by 9:00 a.m. Bring your lunch, water, boots, some cash to help defray the cost of gasoline and yourself. Hike (or walk) as much or as little as you like as no one is keeping score. After the hike, we usually make a brief stop for a treat on our way back to Seattle. Sunday evenings (if you wish to join in) are reserved for pizza, salad and beer and telling tall tales about that day's hike or even discussing community events and upcoming potluck/video nights.

Don't be shy; we don't bite (unless you want us to). Won't you join us this coming Sunday? Visit our Yahoo Groups site at: http// SeattleGayHikingGroup/. (You need to be a Yahoo Groups member to access the site, but no biggie, it's FREE.) Our site provides reports on the previous hikes and accompanying photos. Check us out!

Hope to see you next Sunday - Out and about in the great Northwest!

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