February 2, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 05
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Dear Editor,

[Editor's Note: This letter from Curt Pavola, former openly Gay member of the Olympia City Council, was originally provided to the The Olympian, but the author asked for it to also be published here in the SGN.]

The people's Congress is back.

Following 50 minutes of tired rhetoric in the President's State of the Union Address, brand new U.S. Senator Jim Webb from Virginia offered the Democratic Party's answer to the lack of legislative oversight and corrupt servitude by the previous Republican Congress.

In response to the President's continued delusions and deceptions, Senator Webb noted personal examples of true public service and showed the executive branch of government what our constitutional balance of power looks like.

"Tonight, we're calling on this president to (take action)," Senator Webb said of the Iraq tragedy and an economy that fails to serve all Americans. "If he does, we will join him. If he does not, we will be showing him the way."

This Congress will not abandon its constitutional duties, place cronyism over competence, or plunder the middle class and mine the future while serving the rich. The days of government in the common interest have returned.

Curt Pavola
Olympia, WA

Dear SGN,

We received the following correspondence this week from our King County councilmember, Larry Phillips, on the topic of marriage and equal rights for same-sex couples. Also included with his reply was a letter to the state legislators from the Democratic Caucus of the County Council, that he refers to in his email.

Dear Mr. Molsberry and Mr. Vincent,

Thank you for contacting me regarding marriage equality for same-sex couples. I appreciated your thoughtful email and suggestion that the Metropolitan King County Council lobby the state legislature.

In part as a result of your email, Democratic members of our council joined me in signing the attached letter to legislators in support of marriage equality, sent before the start of the 2007 legislative session. I applaud the efforts of the coalition of lawmakers who have recently introduced such legislation, and sincerely hope they will succeed in building consensus to pass it this session.

As you know, I was deeply disappointed in the State Supreme Court's ruling last summer to uphold our state's ban on same-sex marriage. I will continue to work to end discrimination on this, and all civil rights issues.

Thank you again for your input and support.

Larry Phillips
Metropolitan King County Council, District Four

His reply was in response to a note we sent him in August following the State Supreme Court's ruling in the marriage cases:

Councilmember Phillips,

Thank you for your attention to the issue of marriage fairness for same-sex couples, including highlighting it as the lead story in the recent King County Council eNews. Your July 26 'Statement from County Council Chair Larry Phillips on State Supreme Court Ruling Upholding the Defense of Marriage Act' is also greatly appreciated.

As a member of a same-sex couple (we've been together 13 years), I'll tell you that this decision from our court has kicked us hard in the gut. We can barely stand to continue being citizens of a state that says we are less worthy than our heterosexual neighbors. Most straight people don't care about the issue since it doesn't impact them. But there are a few, like you, who realize its importance to all of Washington. Thank you.

What we'll need now, unfortunately, is to ask for equality from the state Legislature - a body that has been loathe to grant us equality in the past. Is it possible for the County to lobby the legislature on our behalf? We'll need all the help from our community that we can get. Thank you again for your support, for your kind words, and for your attention to this issue. It helps to soothe the hurt.

Ken Molsberry & Chris Vincent

Our thanks to Mr. Phillips and the other members of the County Council's Democratic Caucus for asking the legislature to grant equality to Washington's same-sex couples.

Ken Molsberry and Chris Vincent

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