January 19, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 03
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Sunday, Jun 07, 2020



Lipstick and Lust
Lust rewarded, revisiting the Wet Spot yields much joy, and Rustycon's a hoot, in this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Well, after a long hiatus from our fave place for fun and mischief, yours truly revisited the Wet Spot a couple of weekends ago and oh, honey did we have fun, oh yes, oh yes. And we even hooked up with two 'very special friends' too, how good is that? Very nice my dahlings, let me tell you. Also, (even though yes, our heart still belongs to 'army sweetie') we were the life of the party -- the Biohazard party that is, at Rustycon last weekend, making a couple of 'dance sandwiches' with me as the 'meat' and two willing 'pirates' (the theme was 'pirate') making the 'bread'. What joy, after a long time of moping over my true love (who is scheduled to depart for 'over there' sometime this Spring, we think).

Oh yes, and after my little brain's wheels started spinning when Mercury entered my sign (Aquarius, what else toots?) the other day, it occurred to me that some of you are still not getting the message that it's risky having unsafe sex. Folks, this is me being as serious as a flipping heart attack Ride protected, and that goes for some of my straight sisters and Bi sisters who've been 'confessing' to me that they had pregnancy scares. Honey, if you need to look at the EPT and not wanting to, then you're in line for an STD too, so cool it okay? And anyone not willing to wear protection isn't worth doing anyway, trust me. And yes, The Kid knows how good skin to skin feels, but unless that sex object isn't willing to live with you or marry you, say 'bye bye' and move on to someone with more sense. Are we clear? Good.

So, what have I tried, besides a few new sexual positions with hot, new lovers? Why some dynamite cosmetics dearies, and I'll let you in on them right now. First, you simply must try DHC's 'Soft Touch' cleansing oil, which will leave your skin clean and soft (and in this demanding weather we're having of late, that's a good thing). Also, do try Decleor's 'Hydra Floral Flower Moisturizing Cream' and their 'Phytopeel', which is like having a spa treatment, but you can do this one in about ten minutes at home. The look of perfect skin is so worth it. And finally, my new fave scent to wear (when I'm not wanting to irritate a certain 'soap opera vixen', who's nastier than usual!), is 'Sensuality' by Sunshine Spa, which you can pick up at Madison Market, along with some other tasty treats for body and mind. It's so sexy and yet so subtle.

And once in a while, some company sends me new CDs to listen to, but since my CD player was broken until lately, I couldn't give a listen. Well, child, I did finally get some headphones for my Christmas present from big bro' and my new fave CD to listen to is a very quirky piece called 'The Man with the Harp, In the Key of Beotch'. Look for this CD, as you will never be the same once you hear it, trust me. I also love my 'Rodrigo y Gabriela' CD, which I'll recommend to lovers, or those who want to feel like lovers. Never too late to get in romance mode, and prepare for 'V-Day,' which is closer than you know. So, if you see me dancing up a storm, or just looking happy with my earphones on, those, or Ministry's 'The Dark Side of The Spoon' would be the CDs I'm listening to. Oh, and if anyone wants to give me a gift for my upcoming birthday, I'd love either Michale Franti's new one, or The Decembrist's 'The Crane Wife', or Joan Newsome's 'Ease' would certainly put a big smile on this one's face.

For now, buhbye and do e-mail me at (the same place I'm getting tons of answers to my ad on Craigslist for a new playmate-hey sometimes it pays to advertise ya know?). Be sweet and stay warm out there and careful on that ice luvs.

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