January 12, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 02
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Deep Inside Hollywood
Deep Inside Hollywood
by Romeo San Vicente - SGN Contributing Writer

Expect to see a lot more of outrageous comic Margaret Cho on the big screen before the year is out. The Korean-American funny lady and honorary Gay man has two projects that should make their way to theaters by the end of 2007. The romantic comedy East Broadway deals with a Chinese-American New Yorker (played by director Fay Ann Lee) who whirls her way into a contemporary Cinderella story after she's mistaken for a Hong Kong heiress; the eclectic cast includes Cho, Christine Baranski, Lewis Black, Roger Rees, and, as themselves, celebrity chef Bobby Flay and former NYC mayor David Dinkins. Also on the horizon is Asian horror remake One Missed Call, starring indie-film cute person Edward Burns, with Cho playing a detective. All this, plus voice work on Logo's upcoming sitcom Rick & Steve should keep her fans happy as they wait for that next concert film.

Fans of NBC's departed Ed who have missed the cute and hilarious Tom Cavanaugh will be thrilled to know that the comic actor is taking on a Gay role in the upcoming Breakfast with Scott. And it's not just any Gay role - he'll strap on pads and grab a stick to play an openly Gay pro hockey player. (The Toronto Maple Leafs have given the project their blessing, a first for a Gay movie.) Based on a novel by Michael Downing - and not to be confused with Breakfast with Tiffany, another Gay book being adapted for film - Scott tells the story of a Gay couple (Cavanaugh and Angels in America's Ben Shenkman) who wind up adopting a possibly Gay 11-year-old boy. The film should skate into theaters this December and rankle both homophobic hockey fans and Gay adoption foes alike. Success!

Openly Gay actor Derek Jacobi is one of England's most highly regarded character actors. Though he's not hugely famous in the United States, Gay art-house film fans will remember him as Daniel Craig's (the new 007) artist lover in 1997's Love Is the Devil. His latest role, however, is as a supporting player opposite U.K. football star and _X3_ scene-stealer Vinnie Jones (he was Juggernaut) in the upcoming drama The Riddle. It's the story of a sports reporter looking to cross over into hard news by solving a murder that involves the discovery of an unpublished Charles Dickens novel (because you know how these things happen). Jones has equally impressive assistance from Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave and from Jason Flemyng (star of Gay indies Hollow Reed and Alive and Kicking). Look for this interesting intersection of talents to surface on screens later this year.

After the success of Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion, it would appear that the winning formula for actor-writer-director Tyler Perry's whirlwind film career is Perry + fat suit + dress + wig = big bucks. But it looks like he's ready to try making a movie minus the cross-dressing, with two 2007 projects that don't appear to even remotely feature his popular Madea character. Perry directs, but doesn't star in, Daddy's Little Girls (opening Valentine's Day), which co-stars the lovely Gabrielle Union as a successful attorney who falls in love with a working stiff with three kids. Perry is also directing a screen adaptation of his play Why Did I Get Married? Shooting begins in January for a possible release before the end of the year.

Romeo San Vicente is still legally prohibited from asking "Why did I get married?" in 49 states. He can be reached care of this publication or at

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