January 5, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 01
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Monday, Mar 30, 2020



Dear SGN,
Undoubtedly many people will remember the year, 2006, because of the war in Iraq and the military personnel in Afghanistan. Resolve to take action

Much to the dismay of the American people, our participation militarily in these countries is not easy to understand or respect. Resolve to take action

Close to three thousand lives have been lost in Iraq plus numerous deaths in Afghanistan make our citizens very uneasy. Resolve to take action

In Washington, D.C. Senator Foley from Florida bit the bullet because of his improper use of the Internet to communicate with the young pages. Resolve to take action

The governor of New Jersey found it much better to resign than to waltz among his discretions in public. Resolve to take action

Hopefully, 2007 will be much better for us all as we do our best to help make our world a better place to live -- a year to remember. Resolve to take action

Buzz Flowers Callaway
Lynnwood, WA

Dear SGN, I would like to thank these organizations, businesses, groups and their staff that have provided wonderful services to me over the years.

The list is as follows: in Seattle, Washington- The SGN, The Court of Seattle, The Knights of Malta, R Place, Manray, Neighbours, POCAAN, Seattle Black Pride, Entre Hermanos, Martins off Madison, The Elite, Changes in Wallingford, The Double Header, Metro, Panache, Rise-n-Shine, Purr, The Cuff Complex, CC Attle's, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, The Crescent, The Eagle, Madison Pub, Thumper's, Wildrose, The Crypt off Broadway, The Lambert House, SASG, Seattle Men in Leather, LGBT Community Center, Mpowerment, The Broadway Grill, Le Frock, and also in Everett, Washington - The Everett Underground , The Castle Nightclub and the past Court of Everett.

Sapphire Knight
Imperial Princess 27
and Miss Gay Seattle 36
a.k.a. Alex Taylor

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