January 5, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 01
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Former V.P. candidate John Edwards announces run for president
Edwards contemplates the merit of civil marriage for same-sex couples

by Lisa Keen - SGN Contributing Writer

PORTSMOUTH, NH - Former U.S. Senator John Edwards became the third Democrat to announce his candidacy thus far for the 2008 presidential election during an announcement last week in New Orleans. Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and U.S. Rep. Dennis Ku
Justice delivered in Kevin Shaw murder - Michael Maiava faces up to 34 years in prison
by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

A jury found 24-year-old Michael Maiava guilty on Tuesday in the October 2004 death of Kevin Patrick Shaw, a 44-year-old Gay Seattle businessman. Maiava could face up to 34 years in prison for first-degree murder and a weapons charge, according to sentencing guidelines.

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Log Cabin Republicans appoint new leader, Seattle native, to top post
"I am humbled and honored to leading the Log Cabin Republicans during this important time," said Patrick Sammon.

Patrick Sammon, a 32 year-old Roman Catholic and Seattle native, assumed the post as president of Log Cabin Republicans and the Liberty Education Forum last month after having served in the position on an interim basi
Local retired general, once nation's top military officer, opposes military ban on Gays
A local retired army general and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs, returned to the national stage this week with a opinion piece published in the January 2 edition of the New York Times in which he calls for an end to the military's ban on openly Gay servicemembers.

General John Shalikashvili, who retired in 1997 and now lives
Marry me in D.C.
Believe it or not, in Washington, D.C., of all places, it isn't the politicians blocking Gay marriage. It's the Gays.

by Chris Crain - SGN Contributing Writer

My top New Year's resolution is to marry my partner in Washington, D.C., in 2007. I know, people say you should pick resolutions that are reasonably wit
Date for 2007 Equality Day announced
'We must ... lobby the legislature and educate the public about [a] broad spectrum of topics...," said ERW's Barbara Green.

The Religious Coalition for Equality and Equal Rights Washington announced today that the third annual Equality Day in Olympia will be held February 26, 2007.

On Equality Day, clergy and peop
Gerald Ford: A rainbow President
by Malcolm Lazin - Special to the SGN

Gerald Ford will be remembered in state eulogies as a great healer, who helped restore respect for the Presidency in the aftermath of Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon. President Ford reminded Americans of Harry Truman in their shared understated and humble demeanor.

President For
Massachusetts Constitutional Convention moves forward with ban on marriage for same-sex couples; second round in '07 or '08.
BOSTON, MA - The American Civil Liberties Union today vowed to redouble its efforts to keep discrimination off the ballot and out of the Massachusetts Constitution following a state Constitutional Convention that kept alive a proposed amendment to deny equal marriage rights to thousands of Massachusetts families. The amendment, which required o more
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