December 22, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 51
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The fallacy of making assumptions
The fallacy of making assumptions
by Jim Toevs - Special to the SGN

My next door neighbors here in Hot Springs, Montana, are wonderful folks. They are the quintessential good neighbors, in the best "Old West" sense of the word. We have never shared a meal together, but we have exchanged baked goodies on occasion, and we have an unspoken mutual understanding that we can always count on each other in any kind of an emergency.

They belong to an independent conservative Christian church here in town, but they have never tried to prosetylize me, and I know from something the woman said, that they voted for Al Gore in 2000, and this year, they had a big sign for a Democrat State Legislative candidate on their property.

They know that I am Gay, but we have never talked politics. However, being a former Christian, myself, I was interested to consider how the Mark Foley and Ted Haggard scandals would affect the Evangelical turnout and their votes in the 2006 General Election.

About a month before the election, I started seeing op-ed pieces by a man I had never heard of, named David Kuo, who had just written a book entitled, "Tempting Faith". David Kuo was the number two person in the Faith-Based Initiative Office in the Bush White House, who resigned when he saw the way in which the Bush political apparatus was using Evangelicals for purely political purposes.

After reading a couple of his articles in the press, I decided to buy the book to try to understand the impact it might have on the religious right.

As I read the book, my neighbors kept coming to mind, and yesterday morning, I decided to take a risk, and took the book over to my neighbors. I said that I had found the book interesting, and that I thought they would as well. I only said something very general about it being about the seductive nature of power and politics.

Unbeknownst to me, fifteen minutes after I left their home, their pastor showed up. He saw the book sitting on the kitchen table and exclaimed, "That is a VERY important book! I have a copy, and between the two of us, every member of our congregation is going to read it.!"

My neighbor could not wait to call me on the telephone and thank me for the book. I believe the book, "Tempting Faith" will break the Conservative Republican hold on many Evangelical Christians.

You may not choose to read the book, but at least Google David Kuo and read some of his recent op-ed pieces.

If Progressives are going to claim the political center, which I believe we must do if we are to build a viable national political movement, it is important to understand that we can no longer assume that Conservative Christians are captives of the Right Wing Republicans.

Until next time... Jim Toevs

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