December 15, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 50
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Queer Foundation to award three scholarships to winners of high school essay contest
Queer Foundation to award three scholarships to winners of high school essay contest
To the winners of the 2007 high school English essay contest, $1,000 scholarships are available for studies in Queer theory or a related field at the U.S. college or university of their choice in 2007-08.

Scholarships are administered by the Queer Foundation, a Washington nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)(3) public charity located in Seattle. Applicants need not be Washington residents.

Recipients will be known as Queer Scholars. Their presence on campus will have a positive effect on the conditions of their fellow Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students and other Queer youth.

The scholarships will enable LGBTQ youth, by means of their studies and effective writing, to contribute to building a stable future for Queer youth through business/community involvement and self-directed improvement.

Queer Scholars will receive mentoring, academic advising, and tutoring to enable them to succeed in their studies. In return they are required to (a) maintain a suitable grade point average as determined by the college, (b) practice self care, and (c) give back to the community through doing community service, authoring Queer studies papers, and/or mentoring high school or other college students.

For more information or an application form, please write to the following address: Queer Foundation; Queer Scholars Program; Joseph Dial, Director; 3213 W. Wheeler St., #145; Seattle, WA 98199

Applications are also available online at:

Application deadline: March 31
Queer Scholars:
- are out, proud, and activist
- have a social conscience
- will fight discrimination against Queers
- are committee to social change
- believe in organization
- are of good will

The Queer Foundation's Effective Writing and Scholarships Program provides, nationwide, $1,000 college scholarships to outstanding LGBTQ (Queer) high school students, winners of an annual English essay contest to promote Queer studies to improve the lives of Queer youth. Collected, the essays form Queer-the-curriculum materials for use in high schools to benefit all LGBTQ students. Competing in the essay contest gives academically talented LGBTQ students another means and reason to be out and proud members of their communities-small or large-and to recognize that sexual minority status is seen as a plus.

The Queer Foundation is a Washington nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)(3) public charity. Find us on (search for "Queer scholars"). Donations help promote the best and brightest young Queer writers of today.

A Queer Foundation press release

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