November 10, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 45
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Democrats make great gains in state House, Senate
The SGN speaks with ERW about the unprecedented effort by the region's LGBT community

The voters turned out anti-Gay legislators in Washington State on Tuesday, November 7th, and added to the Democratic majority in the legislature. As of SGN press time, the Democratic majority increased by six in the Senate and seven in the House.

The news was equally good
House and Senate elections bring good news for Gays
Democrats capture House and Senate

by Lisa Keen

SGN Contributing Writer

            Open season on equal rights for Gay people is now over -- at least in Congress for the next two years.

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Gays cheer Democratic election victories
Brightened prospects in Congress matched by elation at first-ever defeat of marriage ban

by Chris Crain

SGN Contributing Writer

The national wave that swept Democrats into power in the U.S. House and perhaps the Senate has brightened the prospect for Gay rights legislation in more

Gay candidates win in record numbers across country


Media urged to examine LGBT perspectives on 2006 vote
NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2006 -- The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) today called on the nation's media to examine how growing cultural acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people and families helped to shape -- and will be impacted by -- the 2006 election.

"GLAAD urges the nation's media to examine the
It's A Wrap!
The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

all the scoop here...
What's the Deal with Marriage, Anyway?
by Joe Shaub - Special to the SGN

Who among us has not engaged in - or at least observed - a discussion (debate, mutual assault ... whatever) on the topic of Gay marriage? It is certainly among the most overheated of issues in our current culture wars.

While "defenders of marriage" are unbending in their assurance that marr
Puddletown Dancers archive project is underway

by Keith A. Gehrig

Special to the SGN

It started in 2003 when I attended the 20th anniversary fly-in for Foggy City Dancers in San Francisco.  On a table near the entrance to the ballroom was a stack of photo album sleeves. Each with a photo or more of clubs members and their name listed on it. At the time more

PFLAG announces November support meeting; upcoming events
Seattle Chapter of PFLAG will hold its annual "Getting through the Holidays" group conversation this coming Monday at its November 13th monthly support meeting. The Seattle support meeting is held from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Seattle 1st Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Avenue (at the southwest corner of the Union/Seneca Street intersection). The church more
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