October 27, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 43
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COMMENTARY - What will we do to ensure fair and honest elections in 2008?
COMMENTARY - What will we do to ensure fair and honest elections in 2008?

by E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

BBC Investigative Reporter Greg Palast has just released another book in which he continues to assert fraudulent voting took place in the United States during the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 and explains what he thinks will happen in 2008. Palast spoke recently in Seattle, sponsored by the University Book Store at Town Hall. His new book, Armed Madhous; Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf? China Floats, Bush Sinks; No Child's Behind Left; The Theft of '08 and Other Tales of Class Combat in a Dying Regime, which illuminates a number of issues, follows his New York Times best seller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

As we approach the November 2006 mid term elections, it is important for U.S. voters to come to terms with doing all they can to avoid fraudulent vote manipulation in the 2008 presidential election. We have two years to accomplish this Herculean task and if we fail we may find ourselves in a situation with a "selected" rather than an "elected" president and vice president.

There have been continual problems found with the Diebold electronic voting machines. The Diebold Company openly supports the Bush Administration and continues to deny the glitches in their machines, most recently blaming mistakes on poll-workers.

It is imperative that we have paper ballots as proof of voting choices and that all votes from all precincts in the U.S. are securely collected and kept safe from tampering. There are no excuses for registered voters to be blocked from voting by long lines or broken machines or to have their absentee ballots "lost". People must stand up for their right to vote and be counted!

Greg Palast discusses an insidious form of vote manipulation that skewed crucial voting results both in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. He found that, in both cases, thousands of votes that were cast from predominantly Democratic, African-American dominant precincts were either thrown out, lost or "spoiled". He aptly refers to this as "voter apartheid". There are many ways that votes can be tampered with. We must work quickly to find clear and secure ways to protect the most cherished right of our American democracy.

Actress and Air America talk show host, Janeane Garofalo, made a very wise observation at a recent Foolproof sponsored forum at Town Hall. She said that the larger, more blatant and obvious a lie that is fed to the public by the government and the media, the less the ability of the public to be able to perceive it as a lie. It's so blatant that it is accepted as truth, i.e.; President Bush's false claim of weapons of mass destruction as a reason for invading Iraq. It was a lie, but many people in the U.S. still want to believe that it is true, because it is hard to accept that the Commander-in-Chief could mislead the public in such a blatant, destructive and manipulative way.

It is important for the public to be vigilant and alert when it comes to the voting process and insuring that elections are honest and not manipulated or lied about.

Please contact your elected officials and urge them to do what's necessary to protect your vote and ask them what you can do in your own community to help. At this crucial time in U.S. history, when issues like equal rights, global warming, foreign policy, governmental deficits, the cutting of social programs and the widening divide between the rich and the poor are glaring issues that we are faced with daily, who we elect will make the difference between continuing to go down this road, or starting to heal. It is our right to chose who that will be in a fair, honest and transparent election.

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