October 20, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 42
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2007 Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Boy Culture: A Gay romp that's done to perfection - Seattle Style
by Nevin Jefferson - SGN A&E Writer

Boy Culture: A Gay romp that's done to perfection -- Seattle style
Actors: Gregory&Patrick Bauchau; Joey&Jonathon Trent II;
Derek Magyar& Darryl Stephens; X...Derek Magyar
Director: Q. Allan Brocka
Writers: Q. Allan Brocka; Philip Pierce; and Matthew Rettenmund
88 minutes

Boy Culture takes place in Seattle where we find X, a 26-year-old hustler who confesses his tangled, romantic, relationship with his two roommates and an older, enigmatic client to the audience.

He calls his exclusive clientele of 12 his "disciples" who're responsible for his BIG bank account. He spends time in the cabinet where a statue of Mary waits for him. He finds Mary's face cunning while finding her to be sultry, alluring, and a big "wow" in his life.

Avoiding the non-monetary like the plague, he's attracted to his sexy Black roommate Andrew (Darryl Stevens) who has not quite come to terms with his sexuality. Meanwhile, his other roommate, an outrageous twink named Joey (Jonathon Trent), is madly in love with X, while screwing anything with a pulse. Boy Culture is the name of the bar where the three buds go out and lay.

With X, all intimacy and feelings end once he gets the check. The culture in the Gay community for some is to have sex with no commitment, emotions, and no strings attached. However, X watches with a tinge of jealously as he sees Andrew make out with tricks that he brings home.

The elderly disciple, Gregory (the delightful debonair Patrick Bachau), refuses to sleep with X until the desire is mutual. By denying a money-for-sex exchange, Gregory begins to break down the walls X has built around himself. He tells X how he and his departed lover met and the feelings that they had for one another. X is moved by the sentimental joy of meeting someone who shared a loving relationship with one man for 50 years. Then, he considers one with Andrew but lets his lesser judgment get the better of him by not wanting to give up his disciples. Committing to one person is the part of the Gay community that he doesn't want to be a part of.

Q. Allan Brocka cleverly choreographs a tragic dance of displaced desire as three roommates circle each other warily, uncovering layers of denial, defensiveness and role-playing; complete with dips, spins, turns, and tight firm grips.

Passions heat up with Andrew asking X to attend his ex-finance's wedding with him and to meet his parents. The reason that Andrew was engaged to begin with was because he had the hots for her brother. This sets up a road trip in a sports car convertible as X goes all out to make the adventure one that Andrew will never forget. The hilarious scenes from Andrew's parents, their acceptance of Andrew being Gay with their blaming Showtime for Andrew's little sister knowing everything there is to know about being Gay.

While in the kitchen, Andrew's mother tells her son that she thinks that X is hot! Andrew and X are both surprised to find condoms on the nightstand left by Andrew's dear old mom. Andrew can't commit to X because he can't handle the fact that his lover is sleeping with other men for money. This would be too painful for him to handle. Love does conquer all but not before a closeted old rich man conquers X, who rips up the check and leaves it on a silver platter. A first for X.

The actors intelligently incorporate defensiveness into irony. Magyar's X smolders off the screen with repressed sensuality. The attraction between his character and Stephens' Andrew is so palpable as to render their difficulties almost comic. This builds up to a giant climatic ending with everyone living happily ever after.

A strong cast, formal visual style and the witty, cynical, and flip-hip, voiceover elevates the action of this Gay romp that's done to perfection -- Seattle style.

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