October 20, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 42
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Debbie Reynolds lives up to her legendary status at The Skagit Valley Casino Resort
Debbie Reynolds lives up to her legendary status at The Skagit Valley Casino Resort
by Richard Kennedy - SGN A&E Writer

Debbie Reynolds
October 15 @ The Skagit Valley Casino Resort

I knew that my partner and I might be some of the youngest people in the audience as we made our drive up to The Skagit Casino for the Debbie Reynolds show. Little did I know we would literally be the youngest, and the only two people in our 30s at the 4 o'clock matinee.

Immediately after the ever-glamorous Reynolds entered the stage singing "I Feel A Song Coming On", she made a beeline right to us. "I see we have some YOUNG fans here today, what are your names?" When a legend asks your name, you give it. Her next question was, "And who brought you?" We became comedy fodder for her throughout the entire show. She walked around checking out the crowd, and charming the pants off of everyone. As she looked at her fellow "seniors" she joked, "I'm just so glad we are all still alive to be here!" Then she said, "I'm really delighted to be here at The Skagit&..I'm amazed we FOUND it!"

At 74, Reynolds brilliantly played the part of a Hollywood legend. Draped in a beaded green dress with an enormous slit up her left leg, a matching beaded jacket and emerald earrings, she took one look at me, stuck out her leg and said, "This leg alone has seen more than you have." After her opening monologue, she launched into "From This Moment On" followed by "That's Life." I wouldn't say she has incredible pipes, but her voice is pretty, and with Debbie Reynolds it's the whole package. What she lacks in voice she makes up for with entertainment. She is one of those performers who can make it sound like she is truly just talking off the top of her head on stage. Nothing sounds canned or planned.

Of course, she couldn't let the night pass without poking some fun at former husband Eddie Fisher, who famously left her for Elizabeth Taylor in the 60s. "You know Eddie, he ended up taking a trip down the Nile!" (referring to Liz's role as Cleopatra) "I would like to point out that Liz is actually 3 months older than me," and she ended that statement with a raspberry. This classic Hollywood gossip was the perfect segue way into her movie montage. A screen came down and Reynolds sang along with some of her favorite film scenes, and even gave us a bit of trivia with it. "Singing in the Rain" and "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" got the biggest cheers, by far. I have to say, this woman could dance in her day!

It was back to the music after the montage, with a surprising country music medley. She did "Crazy," "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" (while imitating Crystal Gayle struggling with her hair on a toilet), and finally with "Grandpa Tell Me 'Bout The Good Ol' Days." After this, she finished the first act with one of her famous impersonations. Donning a fake nose and wig, she came onstage as none other than Barbra Streisand. Now, if you have never seen one of Reynolds' impersonations, you should know that they are hilarious, and often pretty snarky! "I'm the greatest star in the world and I don't have to do anything, everyone wants me to sing, but I refuse" she joked in a nasally Brooklyn accent. When it was done she said, "I know Babs hasn't seen that&..because I'm still alive."

For Act Two, like a true diva, Reynolds entered the stage with a new outfit. It was basically the same beaded gown, except ruby red, with, of course, ruby earrings. The set list continued with "Lovely Afternoon" and "I Love a Piano." She commented afterwards about her stint on the Gay-themed TV series "Will and Grace," saying she missed doing such a fun show and was sad it wasn't on anymore. After thanking us again for coming, she closed the show with a tribute to her friend Judy Garland. A medley consisting of "Get Happy," "It All Depends On You," "Meet Me In St. Louis," "Swanee," "The Man That Got Away" and of course, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", which was the perfect way to end such a classy show.

After the performance, my partner and I were some of the lucky few who had our picture taken with Reynolds backstage. When she saw us she said "Ahhh, there are the boys!" I told her I was so excited to tell all of my friends that Debbie Reynolds picked on me throughout her entire show. Quick as a whip she said, "Oh no, I didn't 'pick' on you&.It would have been much worse!"

Be sure to check out The Skagit website at They have great shows coming up including Joan Rivers and Charo, and it is a fun getaway just over an hour from Seattle. The casino is wonderful with three fabulous restaurants, and you will pass a couple of terrific outlet malls on your way there.

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