September 29, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 39
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Saturday, May 30, 2020




Dear SGN,

Regarding the Woodland Park arrests. Okay, people should not be having sex in public restrooms. But, you have to wonder, with all of the assaults and threats against men perceived to be Gay, why don't we hear of other arrests. What good ol' boy ethic would it violate to catch offenders who may prey on two plainclothes male officers holding hands on the streets?


Roger Greene

Seattle, WA


Dear SGN,

All my life, I've been a history buff&wanting to know my roots and about the generations that came before. Having come out in the mid-1980s in my early 20s, I have a strong appreciation for the GLBT pioneers who blazed social trails that made my own coming out so much easier. I wish we knew more about those folks!!

I applaud the space you are making in the SGN to capture some of these stories while there are still people alive who can share first hand experiences. These are invaluable snapshots of a time past that few understand. I look forward to each issue and new stories. Capturing and preserving our GLBT history in all its various forms is a great undertaking. Thank you for doing so!


David Johnson


Dear SGN,

I'm a "film freak" and one of greater Seattle's best and most-respected film critics (in my opinion), Derich Mantonela, is a movie reviewer for your paper. However, I'm seeing less and less of his thoughtful, insightful, wonderfully written, uncompromising reviews. Why's that? Derich is one of the chief reasons I pick up the SGN. Please assign him more films to critique. He's missed.


John Primeau


Dear SGN,

This has been a momentous year for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and their allies in Washington State. After nearly 30 years of advocacy, our state law against discrimination finally includes the LGBT community in its protections. The Northwest Women's Law Center is proud to have been part of the advocacy effort to gain passage of that bill for all these years. We're also proud of our years of work to gain legal protections for all families, whether Lesbian or Gay, single-parent, inter-generational or child-free. Our Celebrating Diverse Families initiative links LGBT rights, family law, assisted reproductive technology issues, and reproductive freedom in an effort to make the law match the realities of today's families.

Whether it's working as part of Washington Won't Discriminate to protect the anti-discrimination bill from the radical religious right and professional initiative mongers, suing to gain the right to marry for all couples in Washington, or suing for domestic partner benefits for LGBT couples, the Law Center fights for fairness and equality for everyone in the Pacific Northwest.

We invite you to learn more about our work by visiting


Lisa M. Stone

Executive Director

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