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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Paddy Boom of Scissor Sisters gets real about success, Diesel jeans, being away from home, and media glue stick Paris Hilton
You already know that Scissor Sisters are beyond hot at the moment. Strong record sales, Grammy nominations, magazine front covers, sold out tours, and a new album that is going to make them a household name in every household - Gay, straight, and those still figuring it out. The group, comprised of three openly Gay members and two very open-minded heteros, perform back to back concerts this week at The Showbox. Check out Richard Kennedy's preview of these performances in the "Where It's At" column. Tickets are still available for both shows.

While in Germany, Scissor Sisters' drummer Paddy Boom gave me a ring in between ordering room service and waiting for his dinner. Directly from his hotel room, here's what Paddy Boom had to say when he stepped inside "The Music Lounge".

Albert Rodriguez: How exciting to have a new album out. Is it crazier now than when the first CD came out?

Paddy Boom: It's crazier. Last time it was sort of a slow progression. We went from total nobodies to the biggest selling band in the UK a couple of years ago. Because of the reputation that preceded us there's more anticipation and intensity to answer to the fact that we did so well.

Rodriguez: What adjustments do you make as a band when your level of success rises dramatically in a short amount of time?

Paddy Boom: There's classic second album "sophomore slump", which is known to destroy many bands. Luckily, I think we're over that hump because we have a great record. We didn't really change that much, in terms of the game plan. The game plan was always to make good music and put it out there.

Rodriguez: Was Elton John in the studio with you guys to record "Don't Feel Like Dancin'"?

Paddy Boom: I wasn't actually there for the recording process. We've become friends with Elton John in the last two years. We've opened shows for him. Jake (Shears) and Elton hit it off really well, as did Baby Daddy, and then they became songwriters together.

Rodriguez: What goes through your mind when you see Seattle on your tour itinerary?

Paddy Boom: Jake's from Seattle, he grew up there. So for him it's real exciting. I love playing there. Although, with all due respect, the last time we played Seattle it wasn't as ecstatic as we thought it would be. New York and Seattle to me had tepid reactions compared to the love we felt in other places. I'm not saying people weren't going nuts or having a good time, but we have mental fans all over the world that will literally scream with their hands in the air throughout the entire set at blood curdling levels.

Rodriguez: Your live performances require a lot of energy to be in the room.

Paddy Boom: Yeah. We blow it out pretty hard.

Rodriguez: After your last show in Seattle, I walked to the Diesel party with DJ Sammy. Did you go to that party?

Paddy Boom: Oh yeah, I went to that party.

Rodriguez: Were you at the Diesel store the afternoon before your show?

Paddy Boom: Yep, I was.

Rodriguez: I saw Del (Marquis) at Diesel, but my mind was focused on a new pair of jeans.

Paddy Boom: I was there with Del. We went together.

Rodriguez: You were probably in the dressing room next to mine because I remember seeing a cloud of glitter above that stall.

Paddy Boom: (giggle) I was trying on pants.

Rodriguez: That was a fun, fun day.

Paddy Boom: I actually wish I still had those pants. I lived in those. I had these army knockoff Diesel jeans. I wore them to death. They blew out on me and I was so upset because they were the perfect pants.

Rodriguez: They're very good quality jeans. I still have mine.

Paddy Boom: Literally, I didn't take them off for a year. They have pockets for everything I need when I'm out cruising around. I was bummed. Maybe when we go back there I'll get a pair.

Rodriguez: Do you get to spend time in the cities on your tour?

Paddy Boom: I try to go out. I go bananas living in hotels for months and months on end. We're spoiled shitless on these promo tours, staying at the nicest hotels, and we have car service and people kissing our asses. But the reality is that sometimes I just want to put my fucking iPOD on, walk down the street and go sit in a park for a couple of hours to get away from it all because it's absolutely maddening when you have no privacy.

Rodriguez: This morning in Seattle, people lined up outside a downtown hotel to audition for "American Idol". The journey of chasing their dreams of success has just begun. And for Scissor Sisters, you guys are already floating on clouds.

Paddy Boom: I played drums for bands in New York City for fifteen years before I joined Scissor Sisters. Although the band is incredibly hard working, sometimes I think it must seem easy to Jake (Shears). Write a couple of songs, next thing you know you've got a record deal, next thing you're number one. You're twenty-six years old and the world is your oyster. But I know the despair and heartache that goes along with being a musician and getting record deals dropped and people slamming doors in your faces. I don't chase fame and fortune. I chase success. Everybody wants to be famous. Everybody wants to be a celebrity. The whole celebrity thing is weird because there's a whole culture of being a celebrity for nothing else but being a celebrity on a reality show. It's a fake reality show that's supposed to be about real life, but it's bullshit. Then there are trash magazines and they're all part of this giant beast, like a dog sucking its own dick.

Rodriguez: I wish desperation whores, like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton, could find their true calling in life because it distracts attention from those who actually have talent.

Paddy Boom: I know. Like Paris Hilton and all this media coverage of people who do absolutely nothing. It's like you're tricking the public into thinking there's something happening with these people, when all they're doing is going out and shopping and then getting into Star magazine. I'd rather know that some guy in Iowa is having great luck with a brand new crop of carrots using a backwoods, redneck recipe than know Paris Hilton was on Rodeo Drive with a different handbag.

Rodriguez: Is the Gay support for Scissor Sisters as big throughout the world as it is in the US?

Paddy Boom: The backbone of our support in the US is definitely Gay because of the nature of the band. But we attract a really diverse audience, depending on where we are. People love to see their own on stage. There are not many bands with Gay members out and about right now. The biggest thing that had anything Gay in it was Culture Club, and that was twenty years ago.

Rodriguez: What's spinning in your iPOD right now?

Paddy Boom: I just got the new Rapture record, which is so far so good. I picked up a couple of Phoenix tracks that I really like, and a Ray Charles record that I really love, and a Gnarls Barkely record that I've been listening to a lot. I've got a lot of singles, like Soul Wax. I just got one from Soul Mechanics, a new song called "Wanna Get Wet" that I turned Sammy Jo onto and he's been fucking living for it. It's been rocking his world!

Rodriguez: We're looking forward to getting our worlds rocked by Scissor Sisters very soon! Thanks for the chitchat Paddy. Say hello to the rest of the band, and we'll let you eat your dinner.

Paddy Boom: Great! Thank you. See you soon in Seattle!

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