September 29, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 39
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Where It's At
Scissor Sisters shimmy twice at The Showbox; Guster and Nada Surf double-up at the Moore Theatre; Kinky mixes Mexican rhythms and DJ electronic beats at Chop Suey
by Albert Rodriguez and Richard Kennedy - SGN A&E Writers

Scissor Sisters w/ DJ Sammy Jo and Small Sins
Monday-Tuesday, Oct 2-3 - 8pm doors
The Showbox- $30 /

Two years after their spectacular rise, Scissor Sisters are back with a hot new album, fresh tour and a fantastic single, "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'", to kick it all off. Their new CD Ta Dah, out this week, is a wildly eclectic, brilliant, life-affirming pop album. Says guitarist Del Marquis, "The sound is fuller, and thicker, and Jake (Shears) has gotten wordy as hell!"

Scissor Sisters began in 2004 as a little known act and has become a pop phenomenon. Queer fans were with them from the very beginning when they started working the clubs in New York. Gay lead singer Shears lived in Seattle before moving to NYC and hooking up with fellow Gay band members Babydaddy and Del Marquis, not to mention Gay alumni Ana Matronic who declares herself a "drag queen trapped in a woman's body." Their self-titled debut was the biggest-selling album in the UK that year, and has since gone almost ten times platinum there. In the US, they were featured in countless magazines and programs including Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. They've been playing to sell out crowds across the world ever since.

Says Ana Matronic (vocals), "When we finally came home after two years of touring to New York we tried to pick up the daily threads of our daily lives and it was like an astronaut re-entering the atmosphere from space. It had been so crazy and successful and amazing and colorful and fun - it had been like New Year's Eve every night&.but we needed about 365 New Year's days to recover." The result is "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" which may sound like a party, but the lyrics are resolutely downbeat, telling a tale of someone who'd rather have a quiet evening in than go out and paint the town red.

Another new track, the joyous glam-rock-disco shakedown "She's My Man" is "based on a woman called Annie Christmas who was a New Orleans folk legend", states Shears. "She was a huge lady, a riverboat pirate, a thief and a killer who passed herself off as a man". This song is from the point of view of someone who is in love with her&I'm completely fascinated by New Orleans. It's a city built by whores and thieves. I'm very inspired by the music that's come out of the city, and I think you can hear that on the record."

Even Ana Matronic gets to spit out lead vocals on "Kiss You Off". "It's not a love song, it's a falling out-of-love song," she cackles. "It's about knowing you're better than how you're being treated in a relationship, and getting the fuck out. And then telling him to kiss your ass! I think it'll be a good break-up song for a lot of people."

Aside from New Orleans, a range of inspiration is heard on the incredible Ta-Dah. James Bond theme tunes, early disco, funk, Fleetwood Mac, Dr. John, bluegrass Roxy Music, and of course Elton John who shares a writing credit with Shears on "Dancin'." The upcoming shows are sure to showcase much of the fresh material, as well as their previous hits.

As with their previous appearances in Seattle, you should be prepared to dance and sweat your ass off. Scissor Sisters performances are giant parties, full of Gay hipsters, disco queens, glam kids and everyone in between. - R. Kennedy

Pre-concert CD recommendations: Ta-Dah, featuring "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" and "She's My Man." Also, try Scissor Sisters, featuring "Take Your Mama" and "Filthy/Gorgeous."

Guster and Nada Surf
Tuesday, October 3 - 7:30pm
Moore Theatre - $29.50 /

Rock group Guster got its start at Tufts University in 1992 as a roots-jam band, attracting a loyal fan base who gradually helped them become one of the most successful acts on the indie college circuit. Fast forward to 2006. Guster changed its tune, literally, opting for a mature pop sound on their newest album Ganging Up on the Sun. The result is golden. Guster has never sounded better, creating a dozen songs that match clever lyrics with a broad diversity of arrangements. "Satellite" is acoustic guitar-driven and melodic, "The New Underground" is loud and fast, and "One Man Wrecking Machine" is warm and fuzzy, and somewhat comical. The entire CD is a great listen and the music video for the latter of the three tracks mentioned is adorable.

After years of being on a small record label, Guster moved up to the big leagues and sealed a deal with Warner Bros. The boost has already benefited the quartet with more exposure, such as frequent rotation on Logo, VH1, Fuse, and MTV music networks. At the Moore Theatre, Guster diehards will sit proudly alongside fans of alt rock favorites Nada Surf, who were included on the monstrous lineup of this summer's Sasquatch Music Festival. The pairing of these bands should be remarkable, with college students and KEXP-types comprising a strong percentage of the audience. Ryan Miller, lead singer and guitarist of Guster, interviewed with the Seattle Gay News recently. You can read it at, in the July 14 issue. - A. Rodriguez

Pre-concert CD recommendations: Ganging Up on The Sun by Guster, featuring "Satellite" and "The New Underground", and The Weight is a Gift by Nada Surf.

Kinky w/ opening acts

Wednesday, October 4 - 8pm

Chop Suey - $15 /

Mexican accordions, DJ electronic beats, and light punk guitars. Three things you should never blend together, right? Wrong. It just so happens to be the recipe for Kinky's claim to fame. The quintet, originally from Monterrey, Mexico and now based out of Southern California, gave one of the best performances ever at Bumbershoot in 2003, giving a huge gathering of festival goers a high voltage set of dance music that combined titillating sounds from both sides of the border. At the time, I was unfamiliar with these Latin-heavy, alternative-minded music makers. Today, I'm looking for the most breathable shirt in my closet because I plan to party all night when the group comes to town on Wednesday. It marks Kinky's first visit to Seattle since their Bumbershoot appearance. Thus far in 2006, Kinky has toured with French-Spanish artist Manu Chao.

Kinky is a surefire candidate for a good time, and at Chop Suey they're expected to deliver a sweaty, all-out thrill from the moment they hit the stage. The band is on the road promoting their latest effort Reina, a follow-up to their dance-fueled CD Atlas from a few years ago. Concertgoers at Chop Suey will be out of control, hopefully, ready to take full advantage of Kinky's Mexi-electro power grooves inside the club's intimate surroundings. From start to finish, I'm thinking this show will be a boogie marathon. If you wanna let loose, this is where to do it at. Kinky will go on stage sometime between 10:30 and 11pm, allowing you ample time to pre-funk at nearby Gay bars like CC's, Madison Pub, Martins Off Madison or Thumpers. - A. Rodriguez

Pre-concert CD recommendation: Atlas, featuring "Presidente" and "Por Que Se Vengan".

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