September 15, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 37
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Lifelong AIDS Alliance to benefit from M A C Cosmetics grant
Lifelong AIDS Alliance to benefit from M A C Cosmetics grant
Agency to receive $500,000 for food program

M A C AIDS Fund announced $6 million USD in grants to 12 organizations addressing crucial areas of need affecting the HIV/AIDS epidemic and those living with the virus. The grants address four specific areas of need: 1. TREATMENT ADHERENCE: The importance of developing peer based programs to help people adhere to their treatment regimes 2. PREVENTION: The need for prevention efforts in high risk populations 3. MODELS OF CARE: Developing hospitals and increasing the number of doctors and nurses in countries that need it most 4. SURVIVAL BASED NEEDS: Providing survival based needs such as food and housing to those living with HIV/AIDS. The four new VIVA GLAM VI superstars will turn up the volume in the fight for HIV/AIDS around the world, focusing on these critical issues.

"We are proud to announce this is the largest grant making effort the M A C AIDS Fund has undertaken to date. In addition to significant financial support, each of the 12 grantees has the Fund's willingness to invest nimbly in their ground breaking ideas and innovative grass roots programs often before other large donors are willing to take a risk. And with the launch of the VIVA GLAM VI spokespeople we can draw much needed attention to these underlying issues that our grantees are seeking to address." Peter Lichtenthal, Global General Manager, M A C Cosmetics

Additionally, M A C Cosmetics, the leading brand of professional cosmetics, announces Debbie Harry, Dita Von Teese, Eve, and Lisa Marie Presley as spokespeople for the M A C VIVA GLAM VI campaign. The new VIVA GLAM VI Lipstick and Lipglass, the primary funding source of the M A C AIDS Fund, will be available starting today at M A C locations worldwide. With every purchase of a M A C VIVA GLAM Lipstick or Lipglass (suggested retail price $14 USD / $16 CDN each), 100% of the selling price is donated to the M A C AIDS Fund. Since the fund's inception in 1994 the sales of five million lipsticks have raised over $70 million, positioning the M A C AIDS Fund as one of the most significant corporate supporters in the fight against HIV/AIDS. According to Funders Concerned About AIDS (2005 Report) The M A C AIDS Fund is the top corporate US grantmaker in the fight against HIV/AIDS behind four of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

"We want to rattle some cages. We want to grab peoples' attention and not let them turn away. And most importantly, we want to reach even more people. Our VIVA GLAM VI spokespeople cut through the clutter. They are all incredibly talented and have strong and distinct points of view and unique perspectives on this crisis. As an ensemble, we believe these four talented women will powerfully raise awareness for our VIVA GLAM lipsticks and tell the world 'what one VIVA GLAM Lipstick can do' for people affected by HIV/AIDS around the globe." John Demsey, Global President, M A C Cosmetics and Chairman of the M A C AIDS Fund.

The four VIVA GLAM VI spokeswomen were chosen for their personal commitment to the fight against AIDS. All are passionate about the VIVA GLAM mission; raising funds to support those living with HIV/AIDS and raising awareness of the continued grave threat of the disease. In addition to helping creating on overall awareness and support of the epidemic, these women will use their celebrity recognition to further educate the public on the emerging issues being addressed by these 12 grantees.

"It's not easy to diligently follow HIV treatments alone, so I encourage people receiving treatment to seek support in peer groups designed to help you stick to your program. With proper adherence to medical regimens, HIV patients have a better chance of living healthier, longer lives." Debbie Harry.

"No one is immune to HIV, especially people under 25. Over half of new HIV infections occur in this age group alone. Don't assume your activity partner is HIV negative, protect yourself! Using a condom every time you have sex is the most effective way to prevent HIV/AIDS. Safe sex is sexy." Dita Von Teese.

"In some countries there are not enough doctors, nurses or hospitals to deliver existing HIV treatments. We need to develop these hospitals and bring in more medical professionals in these countries so when new treatments or a cure is found we know how to get it to people who need it most." Eve.

"People with HIV need our help, to be embraced and cared for, today before the pandemic worsens. We need to provide these people with the essentials such as sufficient, nutritious food to help maintain their weight, ward off illness and comply with their treatment. For the cost of one VIVA GLAM lipstick, $14 dollars in America can provide for a full day's worth of nutritious meals for a person living with HIV/AIDS, delivered right to their door." Lisa Marie Presley.

M A C VIVA GLAM VI Lipstick ($14 US/$16 CDN) in a warm terra plum with subtle pearl and Lipglass (suggested retail price $14 USD / $16 CDN each)in a warm plum with multi reflective, multi dimensional pearl are best selling neutral shades that compliment all races, all ages and all sexes. This universality is strategic: the more sold, the more millions are raised and more lives are saved. EVERY CENT RAISED THROUGH THE SALE OF A VIVA GLAM LIPSTICK OR LIPGLASS FIGHTS AIDS AND SUPPORTS THOSE AFFECTED BY IT.

The VIVA GLAM VI Campaign portraits, conceived by M A C Creative Director James Gager and shot by celebrated photographer Michael Thompson are glamorous and edgy but infused with a rebellious energy.

"The VIVA GLAM VI campaign is visually very outspoken. We did not choose ladies who whisper; their portraits practically scream for attention. The campaign was shot in black and white because I feel this form of photography is very impactful and arresting. VIVA GLAM is not frivolous fashion; it is fierce and empowered by a serious message. This one little lipstick can truly make an impact on the world and color it very differently." James Gager, Creative Director and Senior Vice President, M A C Cosmetics


The Black AIDS Institute, Los Angeles, CA; Doctors of the World, New York, NY; AID for AIDS, New York, NY; Gay Men's Health Crisis, New York, NY; AIDS Committee of Toronto, Toronto, Canada; St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, New York, NY; Dignitas, Toronto, Canada; Partners in Health, Boston, MA; God's Love We Deliver, New York, NY; Project Open Hand, San Francisco, CA; Life Long AIDS Alliance, Seattle, WA; Fife House, Toronto, Canada.


The M A C AIDS Fund was established by M A C Cosmetics, Inc. in 1994 to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally. Introducing its first VIVA GLAM lipstick that same year, M A C decided that 100% of the selling price of the VIVA GLAM lipsticks would go to fund the M A C AIDS Fund. With a total of six VIVA GLAM lipsticks and a lipglass now sold worldwide, M A C, its employees, its retail partners, and its customers together have provided over $70 million (USD) for the M A C AIDS Fund. The M A C AIDS Fund is the heart and soul of the company with its employees giving their time, energy, and talent to help those affected by HIV/AIDS worldwide.


M A C (Make up Art Cosmetics), the leading brand of professional cosmetics, was created in Toronto, Canada in 1985 and is now part of The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. The company's popularity has grown through a tradition of word of mouth endorsement from makeup artists, models, photographers and journalists around the world. M A C is now sold in over 57 countries worldwide. For a M A C location or information on our products and services visit, the recently redesigned site that makes the M A C online experience simpler, more informative, and faster for the user.

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