September 15, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 37
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Northwest LeatherSir, Leatherboy & Community Boot Black winners announced
Northwest LeatherSir, Leatherboy & Community Boot Black winners announced
Before an overflowing, standing room only, crowd at The Cuff Complex, Wendell Joost III, of Seattle , and Brandon "Puppy Ruffy" Lyons-Nava, of Seattle , were chosen as Northwest LeatherSir and Northwest Leatherboy 2006, respectively, from a field of two Sir and two boy contestants. Henry Brown, of Seattle , was awarded Northwest Community Boot Black 2006. All three of these new regional titleholders will proceed to the International LeatherSir, Leatherboy and Community Boot Black contests, to be held over Columbus Day weekend in October in Dallas, Texas.

Guy Michaelson, of Portland , was named Northwest LeatherSir First Runner-Up, and Josh Eudy, of Portland , got the nod as Northwest Leatherboy First Runner-Up. Ray "Scout" Hudson was awarded the medallion as Northwest Community Boot Black First Runner-up.

The excitement began on Friday, September 1st, with Community Boot Black Contest and Meet-and-Greet at The Cuff Complex. The judges and contestants were introduced and the contestants drew their contestant numbers for order of appearance. A decadent feast, featuring a chocolate fountain was a hit with the attendees.

The Boot Blacks worked their magic while the Sir and boy contestants sold raffle tickets, "gelatinous drink specials", and the People's Choice Ballots for Boot Blacks. Aside from being watched by judges while the Sir and boy contestants demonstrated their fundraising and social skills, this portion of the contest weekend also allows the judges and contestants their first opportunity to meet and chat with one another.

The main event, the Northwest LeatherSir/Northwest Leatherboy Contest, was also held at The Cuff Complex. The Master of Ceremonies duties were handled by Bryan Harrison, who took a unique and energetic approach to the role. With a packed house, the contestants were put through their paces. In a "round-robin" style, each contestant, in varying order, presented themselves in the categories of Leather Image & Speech, Physique, and Fantasy. Earlier in the day, the Interviews for all 6 Contestants were conducted in private.

After the ensuing rush to the stage, the deluge of photographs, and the screaming and tears, there was a play party at Animal's - a local workshop and gallery of high quality glass art. As quoted in the GLPW resolutions: "The Northwest Leather Weekend Pig Party is an invitation only event sponsored by the Board of Directors of Generic Leather Productions of Washington, to show their appreciation to the individuals that have been the most help to them in the preceding year. It is also a unique opportunity to provide a venue and space for those who have worked so closely together to reconnect in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust of the most visceral kind through an 'exchange' in the essence that binds us together."

The following morning, at the Victory Brunch at the Broadway Grill, a very significant turnout was a tribute the success of the weekend's events.

Corporate Sponsors of this year's Northwest Leather Weekend included: The Cuff Complex, Alaska Distributing, Coors, The Wetspot, Daddy Oohhh Productions, WonderTwins Leatherworks, and Dog House Leathers.

The Judges for the 2006 contest were: Head Judge, Michael Congdon, Northwest LeatherSir 2005; Mike "Stallion" Fry, International Leatherboy 2005; Shawn Patrick Finnerty, International Community Boot Black 2005; Kelley Wilt, Northwest Community Boot Black 2004 and President of Seattle Men in Leather; boy gabe rosman, Northwest Leatherboy 2005; Craig Strickland, British Columbia Community Boot Black 2005; Lynda Hale, Oregon Ms. Leather 2005; and, Tony Buff, Washington State Mr. Leather 2002.

The Emcee for this event was Bryan Harrison. Bryan also assumed the role of assistant producer, set-designer, and poster designer. Gene Romaine, President of GLPW and Executive Producer, describes Bryan as "the engine that is powering this year's production. Without him, there would be no show!"

LaTrina Bidet was the featured entertainer during the evening's festivities, and performed a very raunchy performance of "Everybody's Fucking, but me."

Den Daddy duties will be handled by Tom Swanton, International Grizzly 2006. The Tallymasters are Tobin Britton, American Leatherwoman 2002; and boy LoLo.

The Northwest LeatherSir/Leatherboy & Community Boot Black Contest is produced by Generic Leather Productions of Washington, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation.

The Northwest Region of the International LeatherSir/Leatherboy Contest system is comprised of the following US States and Canadian Provinces : Alaska , Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Yukon Territories.

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