September 8, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 36
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Lipstick and Lust
Lust turns to love in one case, and we discover not only what great friends we have, but how sweet it is to be a top
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Honey, all I can say is this town has lost its mind. From the outrageously priced 'Bumberdome' tix, (hey who do they think we are, all Bill Gates or sumthin'?) to the extreme violence that seems to be popping up just about everywhere here lately. And we won't even go into the lengths some folks are willing to go to achieve little illusions of success (legends in their own minds child, legends in their own minds). Still, your scrumptious reporter did manage a little R & R and even some really delicious falling in the 'L' space. No dear, not that 'L', the other one, the one we celebrate in February, if you know what I mean.

No names, but I will tell you that said person is part of 'that man's army' and one truly beautiful human being - inside and out. And the way the room spins when we 'do the wild thang', chile, it's a thing of beauty. But enough about my love life, and on to the wonderful times I've had with two new bottoms at The Wet Spot lately. We'll call them 'J and J', and believe me, there aren't two better subs, especially the one that 'dances' on the ropes when he's tied and I'm giving him a taste of the old 'pain-o-rama' I'm capable of dishing out. Whoo hee! Good times, good times!

And did I get to try any new cosmetics this past couple of weeks? Yes, my dahlings, yes, I did, and here's a short run down on four of my new faves. First, do try L'Oreal's new 'HiP Brilliant Shine Lipgloss' in 'Darling'. It smells like caramel, and after kissing the above mentioned sweetheart, we were both happy, as were my lips. Also try Nars lipgloss in 'Cabiria' and 'Butterfield 8'. All of these are perfect for Fall's new 'Mod' look with the glam smoky eyes and nude lips. Finally, I highly recommend Valentino's signature fragrance, simply called 'Valentino'. Elegant and sexy, it's just what you need to feel dressed up, but not overdone.

Ah, and then there's the joy of good friends, one of whom helped yours truly get her light bill sorted out and because of her, I now know about this marvelous place 'Lloyd's Rocket' (located at the triangle where Boren, Yesler and 12th meet, on your way to Columbia City). You have to eat there, and if you do, try the house salad, which is a scrumptious meld of fresh greens, cooked pear, candied pecans all tossed with a balsamic vinagrette. My friend had the classic burger, and a side of yams, all served on this gorgeous stonewear that the owner said her partner in Indonesia sent her, along with the bright, pretty lamps that decorate the place. To find out the hours, call 223-4547, or go to And, a little advance notice, for you poetry buffs. The Kid here, might be doing another poetry gig in the same place, later this fall. Stay tuned for more info on what's comin' soon.

Oh, and just for the record, I'm backing Linyde Knighton in the 43rd District and Hong Tran, who's running against Maria Cantwell. Go progressive candidates, go! So, that's it for now, and look for a new story later this fall, after more negotiations between me and 'the powers that be'. For now, buhbye my little sweet carrots, and don't forget to write me at and let me know what you think, especially about this column running another story. Buhbye, and kisses!

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