September 8, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 36
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Dear SGN,

Last week I was one of the hostesses of a soiree called "Queers for Lynne" at the Seattle LGBT Center.

Queers from various different communities gathered in support of Lynne Dodson,whos running for State Representative in the 43 rd district. This is the area which includes Capitol Hill and some of the surrounding areas.

It was a lovely event. Local artists, including the Queens Bees and writers from Bent entertained us.

I was surprised at how well attended this event was considering there is a Gay candidate also running in this race. Lynne is a strong pro-LGBTQ ally, but she doesn't happen to be Queer.

I do not consider myself a legislative activist. I've spent most of my energy engaging in grassroots social justice activism and have recently started using art as a tool to organize and create social political change.

Under the Bush administration, I've become even more cynical regarding electoral politics, but when I met Lynne Dodson - learned about her experience, her passion, and her down-to-earth style - I knew in some capacity I wanted to help her become elected. She has inspired me to rethink my shunning of mainstream politics.

I now work for her as her campaign manager and feel strongly that the 43rd district can do better than just a 'good' candidate. We should demand someone who has been on the front lines creating coalitions and building progressive movements.

This is why I am voting for Lynne Dodson. I want an experienced progressive multi-issue candidate.

I want a candidate who connects issues and fights for social justice legislatively as well as on the grassroots level.

I want a progressive, effective WOMAN to represent the 43rd district. The rest of the 43rd legislative delegation will undoubtedly be two white men - Frank Chopp in the other state representative seat and Ed Murray in the state senate seat.

Lynne Dodson was rated "Outstanding" by the Municipal League of King County, the only candidate in this race who was rated so highly.

Lynne Dodson has an extensive list of endorsements from activists and leaders from a variety of movements - education, women's rights, LGBT, labor, racial justice, civil rights organizations and much more.

Lynne was one of two candidates endorsed by SEAMEC in this race.

Check out Lynne Dodson's website at .

I urge all progressive Queers to vote for Lynne Dodson for State Representative.


Debbie Carlsen

Dear SGN,

I am proud of Ed Murray for having the courage to step forward and acknowledge that Jamie Pedersen is the best candidate to succeed him, in spite of the inevitable heat Murray will take. Ed's endorsement of Jamie is an act of statesmanship. Those who see nothing other than Gay endorsing Gay are seeing stereotypes and missing all the talent, intelligence, compassion, and complexity of both men. Jamie has an impressive array of accomplishments on issues like health care and the environment, and, at 38, a record of civic leadership unseen since the days of his avid supporter, Jim Ellis.

But when a reporter asked me last spring, "Is Jamie running as a Gay candidate, or not?" I knew that - like Cal Anderson and Ed Murray before him - Jamie Pedersen must overcome the prejudice that a Gay candidate is concerned only about Gay issues. I have faith that the voters of the 43rd will see the whole Jamie - the Jamie who fights for immigrants seeking asylum, for the environment, for the homeless, for at-risk kids, and, yes, for Lesbian and Gay couples who want nothing more than equality under the law.


Dave Horn

Seattle, WA

Dear SGN,

Jamie Pedersen was endorsed by Ed Murray this week and deservedly so. Jamie Pedersen is running for Ed Murray's seat in the state house of representatives while Ed pursues a seat in the state senate. There are 5 non-Gay candidates also running for the spot.

Jamie Pedersen deserves the whole hearted support and votes of our community. He has worked for us longer and harder - with more intelligence and with more substantial results - than all the rest of the candidates put together. He has volunteered for many of our organizations, including the Pride Foundation, the Legal Marriage Alliance, and the Seattle Men's Chorus. He has worked pro-bono for nonprofits in health care and for environmental organizations. He served on the board of Lambda Legal and was one of the lead attorneys in the Supreme Court fight to win marriage rights for our Gay and Lesbian families. Jamie Pedersen has worked hard for us. He deserves our vote.

The 43rd District (downtown, Capitol Hill, U District and Wallingford) is the center of the LGBT community in this state. This is where Cal Anderson came from and Ed Murray. This is our LGBT seat and we deserve to have one of our own to represent us. Jamie Pedersen is arguably the most intelligent, articulate, and energetic candidate in the field and he is one of us. Please join me in proudly supporting and voting for Jamie Pedersen to represent our 43rd District in the state legislature.


Janice Van Cleve

Seattle, WA

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