August 25, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 34
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Lipstick and Lust
The march we missed, more fun at The Wet Spot, and contemplation on what we won't give up if travelling by plane in this week's Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Ah, how weird the world is getting (and this is not including our little 'soap opera vixen' who keeps putting obstacles in yours truly's path) these days. Lipstick and Lust watched in absolute horror as yet another scare tactic by those in power lopped off more of the average Jane's rights. You know how it is, yell 'terrorist attack', or even hint that there's a threat of one, and people lose their ever-loving minds. All this one can say is, honey I'm not going any flipping place without my Cosmedicine 'Global Health SPF Skin Care' or my Decleor 'Angelique Night Balm', and Decleor 'Harmonie' facial moisturizer, or my 'Miracle of Moisturizer' haircare. That last, because it was hard enough to find Black haircare here, so in another city, chile please, I'd sooner be without my shoes! You can only find Decleor and Cosmedicine at Sephora, so if someone doesn't assure me there's a Sephora in another city I'm travelling to, forget it babes, ain't gonna happen.

But seriously folks, I think it's past time we sat on our rear ends and acted complacent about this latest tomfoolery by Moron and his gang of nutcases in the White House (yeah, and you really believe there was a plot by Al-Quaeda, I'm not so sure sweeties, I'm not so sure). Get out there, protest and like my voice mail says, 'let your voice be heard'! You can't complain if you don't. That's my take and I'm sticking to it. So there. So, to move on, let me just tell you about the delightful woman I met at the recent Women's Night at The Wet Spot. She's got red hair, is a very good bottom and I honestly could have kissed her all night long, on both the recent nights we played a couple of weeks ago. And I am so looking forward to seeing her again, though my heart is still held in thrall enthralled by the lovely lass with the timeshare in Victoria.

And yes, even with yet more flesh mashing going on at The Wet Spot, (which included yet another hot, curvy, kissalicious redhead), I still managed to try some great, new products to recommend to you. First and foremost, I cannot recommend enough the new Emerita 'Oh' warming liquid lube I tried, which you can get at Madison Market (yes, my little truffles, you can actually get a couple of decent 'female lubricants' at MM these days). It is very, shall we say, workable and adds to the experience if one is say, fist deep in another lassie. Whoo ha!

I also recommend Bonne Bell's 'Vita Gloss' in 'Sheer Strawberry'. Yummy lips that just beg to be kissed, slowly are what this stuff will get you, promise! Also try Chanel's 'Mademoiselle Coco' and Bulgari's 'Omnia Crystalline', both of which are light enough for now and sophisticated enough for the Indian Summer we're sure to have later. The perfumes pick up at either Sephora or Nordstrom, and the gloss at Bartels, who also has some new Fall lines of makeup I'll be telling you about in the coming weeks.

See you next time, and do feel free to e-mail me at Buhbye!

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