August 25, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 34
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
The Killers coming to Seattle; Dixie Chicks documentary set for fall release; Keane lead singer in rehab; El Perro Del Mar readies debut
The Killers at Paramount Theatre, October 12

I often compare gorgeous men to food. For example, Brandon Flowers is a fine steak. Juicy, packed with protein, and tender if marinated all night. He is the meat of all meats. The lead singer for Las Vegas-formed rock band The Killers is a favorite with Gay music fans, mainly from his preppy cute looks and his fascination with makeup. We're talking eyeliner, lip-gloss, foundation, the works. I met Flowers backstage at the Moore Theatre last year and he definitely knows how to apply the stuff on his face. Makeup or not, he's beautiful in person. He was very polite and every bit the rock star. The Grammy-nominated foursome will release their sophomore album Sam's Town featuring the single "When You Were Young" on October 3. The Killers are headed to Seattle in two months, October 12 at the Paramount Theatre. Tickets, priced at $27, are on sale now at all Ticketmaster locations.

Dixie Chicks documentary to be released before November elections

Conservatives can't stand the Dixie Chicks. Neither can the city of Houston, whose radio stations refused to play any of the Grammy-winning trio's songs on air or promote their now canceled show at the Compaq Center. But even though our Chicks have taken a beating from rednecks and Southern right-wingers, strong sales for their new album Taking the Long Way and a revamped multi-city tour in the US, Canada and Australia prove they've got tremendous support from fans across the globe. The support could increase this fall when a documentary centered on the Dixie Chicks' post-Bush statement surfaces on motion picture screens. Weinstein Co., headed by longtime Democratic Party ally Harvey Weinstein, picked up distribution for the docu-film with a release date leading into the November mid-term elections. The Dixie Chicks, a serious contender for an Album of the Year Grammy nomination, will perform at the Tacoma Dome on November 11. Seattle Gay News is proud to provide coverage of the show. Come love the Chicks with us.

Keane's Tom Chaplin battling alcohol and drugs

Unfortunate news this week came from British pop-rock trio Keane, who announced that lead vocalist Tom Chaplin entered treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. As a result, three European concert dates were canceled and some North American shows have been postponed. At press time, the tour promoter for Keane's Seattle concert on October 2 confirms it's still a go. On behalf of Seattle Gay News staff and readers, I sent a note of support to Keane via their publicist. Here's hoping Chaplin makes a healthy recovery so we can see him onstage at McCaw Hall in five weeks. I met Keane (Chaplin, Richard Hughes, Tim Rice-Oxley) backstage at the Paramount Theatre with friends following an awesome performance in April 2005. Each group member signed a poster that we raffled off during Pride Week, helping raise money for Lambert House.

Swedish chanteuse El Perro Del Mar will appeal to Kate Bush fans

From the stacks and stacks of CDs landing on my desk, there's no shortage of musicians and singer-songwriters eagerly chasing music careers. Most of these CDs eventually get tossed. Yet, once in a great while an artist comes along who completely blows me away with music so good that I simply can't stop pressing the repeat button. Franz Ferdinand, Jason Mraz, We Are Scientists, Scissor Sisters, James Blunt and Joshua Radin are some of the artists who caught my ear from the moment I first listened to their work. El Perro Del Mar is my latest find. She rips a page directly from the Kate Bush songbook, with an angelic-high pitched voice that glides beautifully over delicate pop arrangements. The Swedish chanteuse is scheduled to release her debut album in the US sometime in November, but you can ear-sample four tracks from it by logging onto her MySpace page. I have an advance copy of the CD, and I guarantee that the entire disc is a fantastic listen. I'll chart El Perro Del Mar's progress as she readies her big music breakthrough. Don't say I didn't tell you about this truly amazing artist.

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