August 25, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 34
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Border Riders have a blast in Tillamook, Oregon
Border Riders have a blast in Tillamook, Oregon
About 35 members and guests attended the run at Cape Lookout State Park, near Tillamook, Oregon, on August 18-20. Members came from as far as Abbotsford and Vancouver, British Columbia. One guest, a member of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club, came from Los Angeles.

On Saturday there were several day runs in the area. Most went on a ride down the coast before returning for dinner. Many people went to the Air Museum in Tillamook. Still others took this opportunity to relax with others at the camp.

There was a wonderful prime rib dinner was at the Whiskey Creek Café in Netarts, Oregon. In order to accommodate the BRMC members and guests, the owner shut the restaurant down from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

After dinner, the evening was spent in camp enjoying the surroundings. There were old friends and new friends gathered around the campfire with the sound of the Pacific Ocean crashing on shore in the background.

So far this riding season has been a great success for the Border Riders and their guests. There were 80 people for the annual kick-off at Pine Flats Campground near Entiat, Washington, in May. Over 25 people, including one from as far as Portland, Oregon, made the trek to Kamloops, British Columbia, in June. Over 45 Border Riders and guests enjoyed the fellowship, roads, and scenery around Mount Rainier National Park in Washington during July 2006. In addition, there have been day runs on the non-camping run weekends.


The weekend of September 15-17, 2006, the BRMC goes to Kamp R and O's near Nanaimo, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. Further details will be posted later on It is not necessary to stay in the campground on a camping run.

Those participating in the weekend camping run in September must arrive on motorcycle. While there may be one or more support vehicles to carry personal items, typically personal items will not be carried across the international boundary in a support vehicle.

To help with planning, including meals, attendance needs to be confirmed to, even when staying at a motel.

Those interested in finding out more should visit the Border Riders Motorcycle Club website at An e-mail may be sent to In addition, a telephone call may be made to (503) 283-4903 (Portland area), (206) 686-4176 (Seattle area), or (604) 684-9872 Ext. 2104 (Vancouver area).

A Border Riders press release

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