August 18, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 33
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Share Your Story about Gay Games VII

Is this your first Gay Games or your 7th Gay Games?  Tell your story in your words.  You are welcome to submit updates or email me to remove or change your story.  I will try to update the entries every night from my hotel in Chicago.  Scroll down for photos.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is my first Gay Games.  I am very excited.  I was planning to attend for only a  couple days and fly back to Seattle.  I had the privilege to meet Paul Mart, one of the 3 co-founders of the Gay Games while he was in Seattle in June of 2005.  He really made an impression on me about Tom Waddell's vision.  Paul also charmed me and explained the entire weeks events that I could expect.  I extended my stay to 9 days and entered 1 more event.  I also started training, losing weight, getting faster.  I ran the Seattle Masters Track Event July 8th and did a personal best at the 5000m race.  I will be running the 10K race on Monday morning and the 5000m track event on Friday.  You will see me at your events. Let the Games begin!

Kelly Stevens - Co-Chair Team Seattle - Seattle Frontrunner


Hi Kelly,

This is my fourth Games.  The first in New York.  The Seattle Men's Chorus was the guest of the New York Chorus, and we sang at Carnegie Hall.  A member of the chorus who was a runner, Steve Bergland, told me I should register for the Games since they were during that same week.  I had not ever heard of the Gay Games.  I registered for the 5K road run and fortunately it was in the AM .  Originally it was scheduled for the PM.  We didn't know how we would make it to Carnegie in time to sing and be dressed in  our tuxedo.  We discussed dressing in a taxi as we road to the Hall.  Fortunately, it was changed the week before the games to AM.  I won a Gold medal and I wore my medal at the Concert that night.  We had four standing ovations in our 40 minute concert.  That was a thrill to walk on the that famous stage for the first time with my medal  around my neck.  I had been in the chorus only 3 years at that time.  I just finished my 15th year last week. I have participated in every Games since then.  I will also be in Montreal with my team.  That day 24 June 1994, will be remembered for ever by me.   Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.  I was 58 years old then.    

Jerry Lewis - Seattle Frontrunners


This is my first trip to the games.  I was surprised to find out, several years ago, that ballroom dance was an event at the games.  When I looked at the Chicago games web site and saw that country and western dance was, too, I knew I had to go.  I talked my friend Marcella into dancing with me, and we started spiffing up our waltz, two step, swing and line dances.  We share the attitude of just wanting to have a good time dancing.  I also have a lot of good support from friends and my domestic partner, and the dance community, here.

I am in the early stages on Hungtingtons Disease, a neurological disease that gives me involuntary movements and affects my balance.  So, that present a challenge.  But, it also reminds me not to put off things that are important to me. And dancing is one of those things.  Marcella is really good about helping me adapt our dance routines to my limitations.  And we have teachers who are sensitive about that.

I feel well prepared and ready to rock.


Softball waiting to march outside Soldier Field.  Nice logos boys.

Waiting to march.  Taking a break in the small shade of our banner.

Time to march in the stadium.  It is getting dark.  Look Sharp!

Tim is waving green pen lights.

Team Seattle helps for the rainbow.  We fill the entire stadium.

Robby Davis and Kelly Stevens.  We made it!

Team Seattle
exists to facilitate, provide and promote opportunities for lesbians, gays and their friends in all sports at all levels of ability, and to foster their physical and emotional health and well-being. We accomplish this mission primarily by providing an inter-sports resource network for athletes and sports leaders, by organizing Seattle's team to the Gay Games and by promoting Sport Events and Sports Festivals.  Team Seattle is a member of the Federation of Gay Games and GLISA.


























































































































If you have questions about Team Seattle, our sponsored events or Seattle sports you may contact us at:

Team Seattle
1122 East Pike, PMB515
Seattle, WA 98122
phone: 206.367-4064

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