August 18, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 33
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Undercover cop sting at Lower Woodland Park urinals nets four
Undercover cop sting at Lower Woodland Park urinals nets four
Charges include indecent exposure, solicitation and assault

by Devin Glaser - SGN Contributing Writer

Police officers arrested four men Tuesday, August 15th, for allegedly exposing themselves or making overt sexual advances toward a plain-clothed undercover police officer in the public bathrooms at Woodland Park in Seattle. Two were arrested for indecent exposure, one for indecent exposure and solicitation, and a fourth for assault and an outstanding warrant.

According to Seattle Police Department incident reports, complaints regarding the inappropriate use of public bathrooms near a summer day camp for special needs children where made throughout July and August. On August 11th, officers were assigned to watch the lower Woodland Park bathrooms in question.

"We observed numerous men enter the bathroom together after making contact outside of the bathroom," the reports read. "They would then leave together. Other men would drive up, park in the lot, make contact with each other then enter the bathrooms together."

Although no arrests were made that day, a plainclothes officer returned four days later as part of an undercover sting operation. Between approximately 9:30 AM and 2:40 PM on August 15th, undercover officers arrested four men, ranging in ages from 44 to 71-years-old.

According to an incident report filled out by the undercover officer, one of the men "was looking at me while masturbating his exposed and erect penis. I then turned and walked to the door. Before I exited I looked back once more and noticed that [the suspect] had stepped back from the urinal and was now masturbating at a very fast pace while looking at me and smiling."

Another man was arrested for solicitation after requesting twenty dollars to perform oral sex on the undercover officer, while the fourth was arrested for assault after attempting to grab the officer's "pelvic area" with his right hand.

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