August 4, 2006
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Mel Gibson exposes himself - Gibson's arrest brings up charges of anti-Semitism and Homophobia
Mel Gibson exposes himself - Gibson's arrest brings up charges of anti-Semitism and Homophobia
by Rev. Barbara Allen, CMP - SGN Contributing Writer

When I watched Mel Gibson's movie "Passion of the Christ" I was fascinated and horrified by his distortions of history and the Bible, while insisting he wasn't anti-Semitic.

Gibson was arrested on July 28th for DUI.

He'd made anti-Semitic statements to the arresting officer, who, it turns out, is Jewish.

Gibson and his family making public biased and bigoted statements that are homophobic as well as anti-Semitic is not new, though some of us forget who this man is when the mask slips.

The officer, reluctantly we're told, made limited statements to the press that he felt bad for damage to the star's reputation but hoped Gibson would think twice before drinking and driving& and considered it a routine arrest and didn't take any comments made by Gibson seriously.

"I don't take pride in hurting Mr. Gibson," said Mee, a 17-year deputy. "What I had hoped out of this is that he would think twice before he gets behind the wheel of a car and was drinking. That would be my hope that this would accomplish that. I don't want to ruin his career. I don't want to defame him in any way or hurt him."

Gibson reportedly unleashed an anti-Semitic tirade and made other offensive comments when he was pulled over, initially for speeding, early Friday July 28th 2006 in Malibu and was then arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Mee, avoiding specific comments, perhaps under orders from his superiors, said about Gibson's remarks upon being arrested:

"That stuff is booze talking," the deputy said in an interview outside his home. "There's two things that booze does. It amplifies your basic personality. If you are a laid-back kind of person, just an easy going kind of person, booze is going to amplify that and you'll be just sitting around going how it's a wonderful day. "But, if you are high-strung person, it's going to amplify that and all the bad things are going to come out."

Gibson's portrayal of Jews in his blockbuster Passion film, which netted him millions with which to pursue an independent film career, was highly biased, and in some cases distorted history badly in an anti-Semitic manner.

(Writers personal aside: I was so outraged and angry with him for his blatant hate-mongering script, based upon the delusions of one cloistered religious fanatic, that I could not write about it for publication. Ethically, when so upset, a journalist needs to seek a calmer space within, before speaking out.)

Biblical experts and historians generally conclude that the Sanhedrin and Ciaphas took a bum rap.

They were caught up in a volatile political situation in which the Romans were borderline on exterminating all Jews. Jewish leaders were doing their best to keep the lid on, and save lives.

How things were reported by the early Catholic Church, have resulted in world wide anti-Semitism, and the deaths of countless millions of Jews from that time to this.

Recent biblical scholarship challenges the Gospels. Scholars agree the Gospels were written 40 to 70 years after the crucifixion (around 30 C.E.). The new Christian sect wanted to distinguish itself from Jewish roots to attract gentile converts, and because the Jews were rebelling against the Romans. Christians denying and perhaps defaming Jews was politically advantageous. Scholars argue that the Gospels assign blame to the Jews, not the Romans and portray Pilate with sympathy although he is described in other ancient texts as a cruel despot. In his time Jesus was identified as a political subversive, explaining the Romans choice of Crucifixion as a means of execution, usually reserved for insurrectionists.

Going back in time to before Gibson displayed blatant historical distortion and anti-Semitism in a film which was otherwise a visual and auditory work of sinister art&we find him speaking his mind about homo-sexuality, in the news, while insisting he wasn't homophobic.

Rex Wockner reported via Outlines News Service in an article filed January 1992:

"Heartthrob actor Mel Gibson, asked by one of Spain's leading magazines what he thinks of homosexuals, launched into a tirade against Gay men.

"They take it up the ass," Gibson told El Pais as he got out of his chair, bent over and pointed to his butt. "This is only for taking a shit," he said.

Reminded by the interviewer, Koro Castellano, that he worked with Gays while studying at the School of Dramatic Arts, Gibson added: "They were good people, kind, I like them. But their thing is not my thing."

Castellano said, "But you were obsessed with the thought that if you were an actor, people would confuse you with one of them."

"Yes," Gibson admitted, "but I did it. I became an actor despite that. But with this look, who's going to think I'm Gay? It would be hard to take me for someone like that."

"Do I sound like a homosexual?" he asked. "Do I talk like them? Do I move like them?

"What happens is when you're an actor, they stick that label on you," Gibson said. "I go from playing rugby one week to taking dance classes in black leotards the next. Many of the girls that I met in school took it for granted that I was Gay."

There's a Yiddish expression to cover his statements: "Oy Veh!"

Gibson and his staff instantly began "spin-doctoring" his most recent anti-Semitic incident and remarks.

He apologized all around, hoping that this wouldn't affect his film career.

NBC is reported to have dropped his involvement in a project on the Holocaust.

Why, when he was raised by parents who believe that there was no Holocaust NBC would have contemplated putting the "fox in charge of the henhouse" seems inexplicable, unless&..

Perhaps they were hoping that if he had to research facts for himself, he might learn how wrong his ancestral and current views are on at least one area of bigotry.

If it is possible for him to awaken spiritually, ethically, morally to the point of realizing that he has violated the essence of the faith he professes to follow, then perhaps he can accept Grace, go forth and "sin no more".

Only time, and the truth of his actions will tell.

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