August 4, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 31
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Pete Yorn sounds mighty fine with new material at The Crocodile Café
Pete Yorn sounds mighty fine with new material at The Crocodile Café
by Jessica Browning - SGN A&E Writer

Pete Yorn
July 28 @ The Crocodile Cafe

If you weren't squeezed inside The Crocodile Cafe last Friday, you missed a chance to see Pete Yorn up close and personal before he undoubtedly moves on to more sizeable venues all over the country. He's on the cusp of major stardom, and more importantly - major respect and admiration from anyone whose had a chance to take in his deeply personal and energetic shows.

But, let's start from the beginning. If you have an ear for earnest and stylish pop songs and have been listening to much Americana-flavored alternative radio since 2001, you'll probably already be familiar with Yorn. Originally from South Jersey, he moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where he tried his hand at writing music for television and film. From the start, Yorn's talent lied in his ability to craft perfect pop songs and play nearly every instrument himself to achieve the sound he was after. In addition to scoring the music for the Farrelly Brothers' Me, Myself and Irene and contributing a track to its soundtrack, Yorn's gorgeous "Just Another" was featured on the soundtrack of TV's Dawson's Creek. Soon after, the singer-songwriter's debut Musicforthemorningafter was released to great acclaim. His sophomore release, Day I Forgot, came out in 2003 but tracks such as "Life On A Chain" and "For Nancy (Cos It Already Is)" from the debut kept the momentum going and never really stopped getting airplay. Yorn then put out a live album, and his eagerly anticipated new effort, Nightcrawler, is due out this month.

Bringing us back to Yorn's six-week "You & Me" acoustic tour, which made a stop at Seattle's Crocodile Café last weekend. The show started early, about 9:45, to a jam-packed house. I noticed right away the crowd's quietly growing excitement. Yorn has developed a fiercely dedicated fan base and his adorable, boyish good looks haven't hurt either. He took the stage to much cheering and whistling and kicked off by saying "I hope you like me as much as I like you." The crowd maintained a respectful silence during the fully acoustic songs, and then warmed up a little more when Yorn introduced pianist and longtime friend from Syracuse University, Joe Kennedy, for the plaintive "June".

Soon, two more band members took the stage, although true to his word the acoustic guitar stayed with Yorn. Things really heated up during the rollicking "Black" from the debut and "Long Way Down" from Day I Forgot. Yorn is personable and friendly to his audience, cracking jokes and graciously telling stories about his bandmates and their travels and inserting sly nods to his influences in places where listeners might be surprised. (At one point, I thought I heard lyrics from The Cure's "A Night Like This" tacked to the end of a song). Although everything on the set list was solid and a real treat, the audience undeniably loved the exuberant uptempo rock ones from his first record best. "Vampyre" and "Broken Bottle" were promising tracks from the soon to be released Nightcrawler.

The biggest surprise of the evening came during the encore. Pete Yorn and company were joined onstage by none other than REM's Peter Buck on electric 12-string for the last three numbers. I'd seen Buck roaming around the bar earlier in the evening, but never guessed he was planning on jumping onstage. A stellar "Strange Condition" and a cover of Elvis Presley's classic "Suspicious Minds" closed the show. Although he doesn't seem at all aware of his image, just concerned with the business of making heartfelt and well-crafted pop music, you can tell just by watching him that Pete Yorn will soon give his contemporaries a run for their money. His down to earth nature and rugged, honest songwriting will clearly take him far.

Yorn's new offering Nightcrawler comes out on August 15.

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