July 21, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 29
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You'll laugh yourself into convulsive coughing watching this show
You'll laugh yourself into convulsive coughing watching this show
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Let Them Eat Pork
Pork Filled Players
Richard Hugo House
July 14th-29th

I kept thinking to myself, 'that's my favorite one, no, that's my favorite, no..', and as I watched one after another zippy, little vignettes by Pork Filled Players, in their new show, 'Let Them Eat Pork', I decided they were all hillariously funny. Okay, some were less funny, but even those that were just a little funny, were still entertaining as hell.

My favorite had to be the 'Girl Raised by Ocelots', if only because the actress (cute redhead, Yvette Zaepfel) had the moves of a cat down pat. And I think all of us who owned cats in the audience agreed, as we were laughing ourselves into coughing fits. I also liked the 'Not So Great Mistress' skit, where a supposedly tough 'dom' is given a lesson by her bottom in better techniques, and the remixed version of 'Old Man's Story' was even funnier this time.

Keep in mind, there is nothing in the program with these titles, it just seemed like the ones I'm giving them would have fit, if they'd had titles. But most enjoyably, this particular version of the long-running comedy show has not a dull moment, and the whole show moves along at lightning speed, and you will be howling with laughter the whole time.

For information on times and ticket prices, call: 325-6500, or go online to Also, on the 21st and and 22nd, the Players are joined by Canadian-American group, Assaulted Fish, so go and enjoy both groups and laugh until you cry.

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