July 21, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 29
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Section One

Gay Games heats up Chicago
by Jim Provenzano - SGN Contributing Writer

While a record heat wave left visitors sweating, for the 11,650 participants of the seventh Gay Games, which opened Saturday, July 15, at Soldier Field in Chicago, being drenched in sweat was the goal.

Amid the bustle of registration, which finished at the Chicago Hilton Hotel earlier that day, thousands of participants gree
Constitutional amendment to ban marriage for same-sex couples fails in the House
Vote fiercely partisan, viewed as political posturing

by Lisa Keen - SGN Contributing Writer

If there was any question that U.S. House's vote Tuesday on the anti-Gay marriage ban was purely an election year event by Republican leadership looking for fodder to stoke its political base, it came when the presiding chair announced
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Sound Bites: Memorable quotes from the 43rd L.D. Candidate Forum
Murray: "These are all incredible candidates. They're also lucky. I saw one newspaper call the candidates 'boyish' and 'sexy.' No one has ever called me sexy, and its been years since someone called me boyish."

b>Dodson: "I'm the candidate endorsed by more legislators than any other candidate. I have the skills, the pas
Washington State Justices prepare to issue rule on marriage equality for same-sex couples
by Staff

The state of Washington Supreme Court will deliver its ruling on the constitutionality of a law barring same-sex marriage before this September's primary one of the justices said on Wednesday.

"It's not going to be very long. We're at the point now where I can say that," Justice Susan Owens tells the Associated
Books, busses, budgets dominate debate between 43rd District Dems
by Liz Meyer - SGN Contributing Writer

Given the 43rd Legislative District's demographics and political history, Tuesday night's Town Hall debate between the six Democratic candidates vying to win the district legislative seat could have very well emphasized LGBT specific issues.

For almost twenty years, the district, which cons


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Part II: Historic Gay First Avenue (1930 - 1970)
by Don Paulson - SGN Contributing Writer

First Avenue represents an old pattern in the history of neighborhoods; their birth and glory, their decline and resurrection. During First Avenue's decline (ca. 1930 - 1970) an underground emerged into what a sexually uptight society called 'trash' on the 'Street of Sin.' But it paved the way for
Kitsap Pride: Fun for everyone
Photo's by Craig Hills

Hundreds of people gathered on July 15 at Bremerton's Evergreen Park to celebrate the 10th Kitsap Pride.
Tacoma Pride: For one brief moment, Tacoma shines
by Logan Chrysler - Special to the SGN

"For the most part we're just a small Military town wedged in between Seattle, Olympia, and Portland whose community only gets together either in the bars, or if the occasion arises, when it's livelihood is threatened&"

- Common misconception about Tacoma


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