June 16, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 24
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'Mr. Tim Eyman, you have made my day.'
'Mr. Tim Eyman, you have made my day.'
By Rev. Monica Corsaro - Special to the SGN

Never thought I would ever say this but, Mr. Tim Eyman, you have made my day.

I cannot hold back my delight and giddiness. For this is "the day after" for all of us. We heard that Mr. Tim Eyman did not get the signatures he needed to try to get the law, which so many of us worked to pass, rescinded. He just could not find enough bigoted voters and I am just giddy!

I am giddy not just because he did not get the signatures, but I am so happy because of us. There is so much for us to be happy and proud about. I am proud of us as Washington citizens because we are smart and reasonable people, some of us are not religious and some are. Together we gave a clear message to our state and the world at large that discrimination is discrimination and is wrong.

We, the citizens of Washington State, both in the Queer movement and not, said NO, NO, NO!!!! NO to fear, NO to bigotry, NO to religious extremism, and NO to undercutting the legislature. Brava to all of us.

I want to give a shout to all those who are persons of faith out there who say no to discrimination because of their faith. I am involved in this movement because, while growing up in that "radical place" of rural Illinois, I was taught in Sunday School that Jesus invites all to the table, when someone is, in fact, disinvited because of who they are. This is NOT the message of Christ.

Over and over in the texts Jesus invites everyone. He heals the Cyrene-Phoenician woman (mixed race single mom). He tells the story of the Good Samaritan (he, too, a person of color considered to be from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak, and Jesus uses him as the model of the healer, putting the religious leaders to shame).

Jesus over and over again says remember the (poor, the widow, the prisoner and the orphan) least of these&have you ever felt left out or put out?

I think we all have and in the midst of that pain, the Jesus I know says welcome. This is why I am in this movement. My faith tells me to be stubborn like the Cyrene- Phoenician woman, be courageous like the Good Samaritan, and never ever forget anyone who has felt put out onto the fringes.

Rev. Monica Corsaro is a Methodist minister and co-covenor of the Religious Coalition for Equality.

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