May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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Section One

Seattle to lose up to 10 percent of federal funding for HIV/AIDS services
"The administration proposes testing every citizen for HIV but then cuts support for HIV/AIDS program. It sends a mixed message on our country's health care priorities," said Lifelong's Executive Director Tina Podlodowski.

Lifelong AIDS Alliance announced its disagreement with the United States Congress over their failure to adequately meet the needs of American citizens liv
State law allows churches to support or oppose ballot measures, despite use of public facilities
The controversy, however, continues

by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Questions were raised about the actions of Antioch Bible Church earlier this week after photographs surfaced online showing church members huddled around a large folding table signing Referendum 65 petitions. The church rents Lake Washington High School
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Groups sponsor march on Broadway, music festival in Volunteer Park and movie in the park
To all LGBT organizations and their friends, all unions and professional groups, all individuals and families, all elected officials, all groups of employees from corporations: Here's your chance to celebrate our community and make a social, cultural, and political statement that we're here and proud of it!

Former employee sues Qwest Communications due to harassment based on sexual orientation
'This is a wake-up call for employers: their policies aren't worth the paper they're written on if they're not enforced.'

DENVER, CO., May 23, 2006 - In court papers made public today, Lambda Legal has entered a lawsuit filed by The Center's Legal initiative Project (CLIP) in the District Court of Denver County, Colorado, against Qwest Co
Organizing for marriage equality
While people in Washington State and across the nation wait for the Washington Supreme Court to issue a decision in the marriage case, Equal Rights Washington (ERW) has been busy developing a plan to promote marriage equality. Regardless of the decision, ERW has designed a proactive strategy to engage thousands of people in grassroots education, ad more
What can you do to support Washington state's new law banning discrimination against gays in housing, employment and insurance?
Roy Anderson Gallop, Jr. (1963 - 2005)
Son, brother, uncle, friend, artist, athlete, scholar.

The shock of losing you is still fresh and real, but we feel lucky to have known you. You made our lives better with your upbeat outlook, your intelligence, your fun-loving nature and your ability to listen and to love.

We miss your art, your laugh, your hugs and your abilit
Congress wrong to support the current Senate version of the Ryan White CARE Act Reauthorization
'To me, this is just another sign that part of the motivation behind this bill is payback to the Gay male community for its successful activism in the past.'

Commentary by Dennis Saxman - Special to the SGN

The struggle to survive for low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS is about to become much harder. If a bill that wa
by Maggie Bloodstone - SGN Contributing Writer

I know, that sounds like a headline for a message that slipped through your Spam filter, but it's true-if you are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to doing well by doing good, then you may be eligible to receive a chunk of change from Seattle's favorite glitter-spangled nuns from The Abbey O

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