May 19, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 20
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Sweet Sugar Nights: The opening of Sugar Night Club on Capitol Hill
Sweet Sugar Nights: The opening of Sugar Night Club on Capitol Hill
by Teriyaki Temple (David Luc Nguyen) - SGN A&E Writer

Capitol Hill's nightlife surged to a new social high during Cinco De Mayo this past weekend. Surprisingly enough it wasn't from any of the usual culprits the scene has become accustomed to: Ecstasy, meth, coke, and marijuana weren't the catalyst behind all of the excitement. Instead there was a different kind of high: a Sugar high!

Bar flies, socialites, and club goers all converged at the invitation only grand opening of the hill's newest hot spot - Sugar. "When I drove by a few weeks ago and heard they were reopening this place I was so excited! I have some really fond memories of when I used to come here when it was Ego. I hope this place is around long enough make some more," said club go-er Aaron Swanson on opening night. "Maybe this will be the place that brings life back to Seattle's dreary club scene."

According to the club's website the initial opening of the club was postponed by one week due to problems with their plumbing. Fortunately for the fledgling club (and all the Gays on the hill) it's located on the same block as Basic Plumbing. I'm guessing with so many plumbers close by they were able lend a helping hand and any issues must have been resolved quickly. The end result was a successful and well attended launch party.

Fortunately none of the clubs plumbing was backed up opening night, but I can't say the same for the lines to get in or to get drinks. Thank god they know how to treat a girl right because some people said they waited over an hour to get in and half an hour to get drinks. Not to fret though, those are kinks that are worked out the longer a club stays open.

Sugar has the right formula for success which is strong drinks at good prices, a friendly and attentive staff, and most importantly an eclectic array of pretty people. It was nice to see cute Lesbians, good looking guys, straight couples all mixed with pretty little twink boys all in the same place drinking in harmony.

The DJ (who's name I didn't catch, I'm so sorry!) played house music (giving Friday night's at Sugar its name "Bath House") while attendees drank, dance and enjoyed the night away on a good sized dance floor. Guests also commented on the new interior which is the color of Sugar. "The club has a bright, spacious and clean feel to it. It reminds me of XL in Manhattan. It's nothing like it was before. This place used to be so dark and a haven for drugs but now it's like a trendy little spot where I can hang out with friends, dance, and drink," said opening night attendee Jason Maxwell.

Opening night had all the makings of a fabulous evening and even included a face painter, go-go boys, drag queens, and a woman who offered me sip from her "really strong drink" and a half eaten Twinkie from her cheap knock off Louis Vitton bag. "They actually help absorb liquor if you drink too much," said the poser.

Did you know Twinkies have 19 g of Sugar and urban legend says that Twinkies are made entirely out of artificial ingredients, contain no natural food products, and have a shelf life of fifty to one hundred years. Furthermore, their look is made complete by coloring the bottoms brown to make it appear that they've been baked. It's funny how Twinkies parallel twinks on the Gay scene and artificial tanning. There is one sad truth and that is twinks only have a shelf life of 22 years.

Meanwhile back to subject at hand, Sugar. With Seattle facing loosing yet another club in the not too distant future (rumor has it that Manray is closing) it's really refreshing to see a new club out on Seattle's scene again. Too often we are stuck in the same old rut of going to the same bar, getting drunk and throwing up the in same place. At least with Sugar we have another place where we can have a great time and have one too many. Sounds like they've got a lot planned with special nights like "Meet Market" on Wednesdays, "Star F@#*ER" on Saturdays, "Tea Dance" on Sundays (put some Sugar in your Tea) and of course "Bath House" on Fridays. Every Saturday there will be a guest performer, the past two weeks have had Seattle Icons Glamazonia and Choca Fresca. Come find out who it will be this week. Finally, I say forget Splenda! It's all about Sugar.

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