May 19, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 20
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Stirring, timely Tony-award winning musical hits on current issues
Stirring, timely Tony-award winning musical hits on current issues
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Directed and choreographed by:
David Armstrong, starring:
Jim Gall, Troy L. Wageman,
Collin Morris, Mimi Hines,
Scott Brateng, Eric Brotherson,
Kari Lee Cartwright, Daniel Cruz
(and many more!)
5th Avenue Theatre
May 2nd-21
The first thing that took my breath away when I saw the opening performance of 'Pippin' last week was the soul-stirring voice of singer/actor Keith Byron Kirk. A large presence on the stage, physically, as well as talent-wise, Kirk brought the audience to full attention and set the stage for what was to come, a full-out splendor of a production that kept me open-mouthed with awe from beginning to end.

Loosely based on the story of King Chalemayne, who spearheaded one of many Christian crusades through the Holy Land, 'Pippin' offers a seventies view of the political scene that is just as timely today as it was when it first appeared on Broadway three decades ago. With songs like ' War is Science', and 'Glory' , the piece, which plays as somewhat of an allegory, presents a satiric view of governments who become so interested in furthering the interests of a corrupt few, that they forget the people they are supposed to represent. And even as the musical number and dazzling costumes seek to engage the eye, the message in the lyrics of these songs provoke the mind to think and question.

I also loved the song by 'evil mom' Fastrada (a sexy Jane Lanier), 'Spread a Little Sunshine' and the hilarious 'Prayer For a Duck' (sung by Louis Hobson), and of course the brilliant opening song by Kirk, 'Magic To Do'. And then there were those spangled wonders, the costumes by Bradley Reed, that were as sexy as they were gorgeous. This and a cast with voices equal to the parts they pulled off as easily as breathing, make 'Pippin' the show to see this Spring. For more information on tickets and times, call: 292-ARTS, or go online to

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