May 19, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 20
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Arts and Entertainment
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Cirque du Soleil's 'Varekai' - Amazing talents presented in a superbly paced show
by Rod Parke - SGN A&E Writer

As I mentioned last week, Cirque du Soleil is a circus for everyone (3 years and up), including those who hate circuses. It is sophisticated, brilliant, and a delight to the ears as well as the eyes. No animals, no sawdust; just amazing talents presented in a superbly paced show of great variety and amusement.

The show is currently runn
'Da Vinci Code' is a lifeless turkey
by Derich Mantonela - SGN A&E Writer

Opens Friday, everywhere

"Da Vinci Code" - if you're a fan of the 50-million-copies-sold novel you'll probably hate the movie version (it fails to measure up in almost every aspect), or if you're simply curious to see what you hope might be a passably entertaining date flick, you're go
DIFFA's GLAM event shines Event raises funds for HIV/AIDS services and education programs
by David Luc Nguyen (Teriyaki Temple) - SGN A&E Writer

The Seattle chapter of DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fights AIDS) presented "GLAM - A Celebration of High-Style Design" at Masins in Pioneer Square last Thursday. Producers ensured the event lived up to its name (GLAM) by making guests fe
Goldfrapp glams it up for huge Gay crowd at The Showbox
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A&E Writer

May 11 @ The Showbox

Gay boys. That was 75 percent of Goldfrapp's audience when their heels touched the stage at The Showbox on May 11. The other 25 percent didn't know what hit them. And probably still don't.

With a wind machine fanning her flawless blonde
Stirring, timely Tony-award winning musical hits on current issues
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Directed and choreographed by:
David Armstrong, starring:
Jim Gall, Troy L. Wageman,
Collin Morris, Mimi Hines,
Scott Brateng, Eric Brotherson,
Kari Lee Cartwright, Daniel Cruz
(and many more!)
5th Avenue Theatre
May 2nd-21
Aussie goodness: Wolfmother's Myles Heskett recorded in the same studio as Nirvana, listens to Missy Elliott and Justin Timberlake, is cool with Gay fans and can't wait to play the Sasquatch Music Festival
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Sweet Sugar Nights: The opening of Sugar Night Club on Capitol Hill
by Teriyaki Temple (David Luc Nguyen) - SGN A&E Writer

Capitol Hill's nightlife surged to a new social high during Cinco De Mayo this past weekend. Surprisingly enough it wasn't from any of the usual culprits the scene has become accustomed to: Ecstasy, meth, coke, and mar
Interesting and provocative dances mark a new program by Velocity Dance
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Velocity Dance Center
(Velocity Mainstage Theatre)
May 12th & 13th

Opening with life size cutouts of the same two dancers who performed the piece, Velocity Dance's 'Seneca & 4th' set the stage for dance that would be lively, unexpectedly acc
Cappella Romana were mesmerizing
"...[A]float in the vibrations of an ancient world..."

by Rod Parke - SGN A&E Writer

As I'm settling my weary bones onto the hard wooden benches of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in West Seattle, I'm thinking, "And the reason we decided to come to this concert was&?" And during the long, highly repetitive opening work (by Manu

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