May 12, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 19
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Seattle LGBT Community Center served with strong Cease and Desist Letter from Seattle Out and Proud
Seattle LGBT Community Center served with strong Cease and Desist Letter from Seattle Out and Proud
SOAP claims exclusive right to the words "Seattle Pride" and conspiracy with SGN

by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Last week the Seattle Gay News learned that Seattle Out and Proud (SOAP), organizers of the Pride celebration to occur in downtown Seattle and at the Seattle Center next month, had sent a formal Cease and Desist Letter to the Seattle LGBT Community Center on May 1st.

According to David Coffman, attorney for Seattle Out and Proud, the SOAP board met in emergency session on Sunday, April 23rd, and voted unanimously to proceed with the strongly worded warning letter to the LGBT Center.

SGN's effort to contact SOAP board members for their comment on this matter were unsuccessful. SGN was advised that all comments would be routed through a public relations firm and be screened by attorneys as well. Dale Kershner is President of the Board/Marketing Director of SOAP and has previously acted as public spokesperson.

According to a lengthy communique to SGN and member organizations from Shannon Thomas, the LGBT Center's Executive Director, SOAP has demanded that The Center not use the name "Seattle Pride" and charged the non-profit Capitol Hill-based organization with "conspiring" with the Seattle Gay News "to effectuate torturous interference with SOAP's ability to operate...."

Thomas flatly and vehemently denied the validity of both claims in the letter she sent to the SGN on Wednesday.

In the letter, Thomas spoke publicly for the first time about the "baseless" and "unnecessarily divisive" potential legal battle likely to loom over Pride events being planned by both parties.

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