May 12, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 19
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Section One

Seattle LGBT Community Center served with strong Cease and Desist Letter from Seattle Out and Proud
SOAP claims exclusive right to the words "Seattle Pride" and conspiracy with SGN

by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Last week the Seattle Gay News learned that Seattle Out and Proud (SOAP), organizers of the Pride celebration to occur in downtown Seattle and at the Seattle Center next month, had sent a formal Cease and Desist Letter to the Seattle LGBT Community
conspiracy - continued
[Editor's Note: The following letter is from Shannon Thomas, Executive Director of the Seattle LGBT Community Center. It has not been edited and appears here in its entirety.]

"Yes, it is true that in the last week of April, Seattle Out and Proud demanded (via a Cease and Desist letter) that The Seattle LGBT Community Center not use the n
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Statement from Representative Ed Murray on the announced retirement of Senator Pat Thibaudeau
SEATTLE- Following today's news that State Senator Pat Thibaudeau has announced that she will not seek re-election to the State Senate, and last week's announcement that she will pursue a new opportunity as Co-Chair of a Governor-appointed Health Care Commission, Representative Ed Murray offered the following statement:

"I am grateful for
Gay-Straight Alliances bring out the best in area schools
Local organizations providing services to the student-led groups

by Manny Frishberg - SGN Contributing Writer

Face it, even under the best of circumstances being an adolescent sucks. Middle and high school students need all the help they can get to navigate the social and personal changes tossed at them like waves from across
by Marla S. Nonken - SGN Contributing Writer

Much has been said and a lot of energy has been invested in the obtaining of LGBT peoples' civil rights. We have succeeded in having passed legislation after an over thirty year struggle. We are stepping farther away from the bedrooms and closets and walking into our living rooms. As we contin
What can you do to support Washington state's new law banning discrimination against gays in housing, employment and insurance?
California's Gay loss is Seattle's gain
Seattle Episcopalians are overjoyed that the Very Rev. Robert Taylor was passed over on the weekend for the job of Bishop of California.

Taylor was one of three openly gay candidates for bishop Saturday who lost in Saturday's election in San Francisco to the Rt. Rev. Mark Handley Andrus of Birmingham, Alabama.

The vote meant that
Protecting Washington State from the 'other Washington'
Equal Rights Washington is working to secure marriage equality in the state of Washington. We're hopeful that the state Supreme Court will issue a decision granting marriage to all loving couples who want to wed. And we're building a strong base of support across the state to ensure that such a decision would stand.

But all this effort cou
Former neuroscientist talking about Gay attraction, again
by Paul Varnell - SGN Contributing Writer

Former neuroscientist Simon LeVay made a brief splash 15 years ago with research purporting to show that a part of Gay men's brains he claimed was associated with sexual attraction in animals was slightly more like the brains of women than were the brains of ostensibly heterosexual men.

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