May 5, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 18
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General Gayety by Leslie Robinson
The twin twits
Some states just go together in our minds. North Dakota and South Dakota, Vermont and New Hampshire, Arizona and New Mexico. Presumably geographic togetherness is the main reason for this linkage. In the case of Tennessee and Kentucky, something else has recently united the two states.

Ninnies in office.

By now you may have read the comments of Tennessee Rep. Debra Maggart. If you haven't, fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy read. The verbal mayhem began when Sara Dykstra, a graduate student in special education at Vanderbilt, e-mailed Tennessee legislators. Dykstra, who mentioned she isn't Gay, urged them to scuttle anti-Gay adoption and foster parent bills.

Rep. Maggart responded that research "shows that most homosexual couples have numerous emotional dysfunctions and psychological issues that may not be healthy for children."

I warned you.

The Republican from Hendersonville added, "We also have seen evidence that homosexual couples prey on young males and have in some instances adopted them in order to have unfretted [sic] access to subject them to a life of molestation and sexual abuse."

And George Bush is actually a robot operated from a Bethesda basement by a 10-year-old named Timmy.

Gay advocates have countered that major groups in the field-like the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of Social Workers-support Gay adoption. They also say most research has found no significant differences in kids raised by Gay parents. And, basically, they say Maggart's "evidence" is horse manure.

The source of much of that manure is Focus on the Family, which apparently testified before Maggart's subcommittee on same-sex parenting. Honestly, I don't understand why such Gay-obsessed organizations continue to get away with spouting falsehoods as fact. Their studies aren't credible, yet their conclusions work their way into the mouths of public officials. I'd say that makes them a social disease.

Maggart, a single mother, didn't waver after the e-mails became public, telling The Tennessean, "I don't wish to discriminate against anyone . . . but (Gays) have issues. That's my opinion."

I suspect Focus on the Family could claim Gays molt twice a year, and she'd buy it. Dykstra, her pen pal, told Tennessee's Out & About Newspaper that she thinks Maggart "honestly believes she's doing the right thing by taking this position. She really believes that there is something deviant about being homosexual."

What the Republican governor of Kentucky really believes I can't say, but I bet he made his compatriot in Tennessee happy when he did something very peculiar. On "Diversity Day," Gov. Ernie Fletcher waxed eloquent to hundreds of students gathered from around the state about how important diversity is to Kentucky. Then he signed an order axing employment protection for Gays.

So diversity is good. But not too much of it.

Fletcher's executive order, which he signed in front of those kids at a diversity forum in Frankfort, replaced an order by the previous governor protecting state employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The new order also encourages hiring more minorities, so the governor and his minions are spinning this move as not anti-Gay, but pro-black and pro-woman. That plenty of blacks and women are also Gay . . . well, let's not bother the man with details.

After all, he has a re-election campaign to mount, and a pesky investigation for cronyism to rise above. A Republican legislator told The Lexington Herald-Leader that Fletcher's removing sexual orientation was a "good political move" that would delight his base. "I don't see any downside to the governor taking sexual orientation out."

I do. And so do all the Gay folks in Kenessee and Tenntucky.

Leslie Robinson has lived on both coasts, but wouldn't dream of dismissing any state in between as a fly-over state. E-mail her at, and read more columns at

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