May 5, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 18
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Where It's At
Goldfrapp fusing disco and glam-rock at The Showbox
by Richard Kennedy - SGN A&E Writer

Thursday, May 11 - Doors at 8:00
The Showbox- $15 advance at$13 day of show

Singer/composer/keyboardist Allison Goldfrapp began her experimental synth-sound work in college while creating art installation pieces mixing sight, sound and performance. While still in college she found herself appearing on her friend Tricky's album Maxinquaye, which lead to work with other groundbreaking electronic artists albums from Orbital to X.

By the late 90's Goldfrapp began honing her work and creating some demos for herself. When passed on to composer Will Gregory the two found that they had very similar creative styles. In 1999, under the name Goldfrapp the two created Felt Mountain, their debut album. Their motto is "Sex, subversion, style, humour, songs: great pop music's greatest components." Ever since that debut album that is exactly what they have fused their music and performances with. The latest album, Supernature, is a hot disco and glam-rock influenced group of songs that bring Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer right into the 21st Century.

"We create our own, personalized environment," says Alison Goldfrapp, "and it's more how bands or duos used to do it in the 70s or 80s, your own music, art directing your own sleeves, wearing your own clothes, which is unique compared to a lot of bands. Now, you might get people writing their own music, if that. And they'll have a whole entourage creating all the other stuff. I like being part of that scene, the people who've created everything themselves." "It's an alternative reality," says Will Gregory, "taking ourselves somewhere else and that's why we do it."

The show is going to be HOT at the Showbox next week. They gain more and more acclaim with each album so it's still a great opportunity to see them in an intimate venue. Scenesters and disco queens will be in full force for a high-energy performance. Doors are at 8:00pm and it's 21 and over, so get there early to have a couple drinks before the show. - R. Kennedy

Pre-concert CD recommendations: Supernature featuring "Oh La La" and "Slide In." Also try Black Cherry featuring "Crystalline Green" and "Train."

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