April 28, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 17
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Lipstick and Lust
Drama, drama, lusting and Norwescon follies highlight this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Dyke drama (almost-I missed a certain someone by hairs and man was I glad too, because that day was already messed up), and a little 'soap opera villainess drama' (honey, maybe some folks need to wear looser panties, if you know what I mean!), and the drama over a favorite sweetie gearing up to travel overseas by year's end. But, dahling, you might ask, with all of that drama, was anything positive going on in your beauteous little world?

Why yes, my sweeties, yes indeed! I had the world's best time, without putting nose to the grindstone as usual, at this year's Norwescon (only the biggest and best sci-fi/fantasy con in the Northwest!), and a lot of that fun was had in my hotel bed with my fave slave/toy that I met a few months back at The Wet Spot. Oh, everyone should ride that rollercoaster my dears! Anyway, when I wasn't 'doing the wild thang' with sweetie pie, I was cruisin' the halls, checking out the outrageous costumes and then being squeezed into a few over the top parties, watching other folks pick out hotties for a night's pleasure. And you thought only the most uninteresting folks went to these cons. Au contraire madams and mes amis!

But yes, I still found time to try a few really glorious products to pass along to you, and a new salad vinegar that I've lavishing on just about everything from fruit to greens these days. First on the list, do try Yves Rocher's Luxurious Loose Powder (I'm wearing the 'Translucide' as I write this and am very pleased with the look). A nice, matte finish to your look, this one won't rub off easily, or give you that awful 'old lady' look none of us wants for the new Spring face. And also try Rimmel's 'Jelly Lips Gloss Crayon' (I like the 'Sweetie' and 'Sorbet' colors, which are light enough for Spring, but also perfect for a night out). And I cannot recommend an 'impulse buy' I made while travelling to the downtown Walgreen's looking for a top-up card for my cell phone. Jordana's 'Lip Jelly Juicy Tints' in 'Strawberries and Cream' is just the light glaze a Spring mouth needs and hey, even you butches might like this, because it's not too 'girly', just a nice, moist and inviting look that begs for a big kiss. Finally, do try DHC's 'Extra Concentrate', and 'Extra Nighttime Moisture', both of which really help skin that has 'passed its prime' if you get my drift. These products keep people asking me if I'm really 50, and yes, I always tell the truth, that I am, but am grateful to not look older than 35. E-mail Yves Rocher at, and Google DHC for the address.

I also tried this very delish vinegar from Trader Joe's, and I must share with you a couple of marvelous recipes that I've cooked up using this as an ingredient. Iron Chef, eat your heart out honey! It's called 'Champagne Muscat Orange Vinegar' and it's in the section with all of the other salad dressings. The best thing to have it on is sliced, fresh Bartlett pears (which you can pick up at Madison Market), and then you can mix up a salad of mixed green, cut up pear cubes, Goji berries, sunflower seeds and chopped red onion, and add a splash or two with some olive oil or Canola oil (which you can also get at Madison Market), and you are set for a refreshing, light lunch or snack. And for those who have wondered what's been happening at the Market since the tragic murders of two of their staff by Aaron Huff, a friend mentioned that there had been a memorial combined with the monthly wine tasting that Jeremy Martin (one of the victims) had hosted before his death. 'It was great, and everyone got to take home a free bottle of wine', she told me. So, things are beginning to return to normal there, but stop by and give them a hug anyway. Also, I simply have to tell you about this wonderful place 'second sweeie' and I went to last weekend, in the middle of the strangest day. It's called The Green Leaf, and it's located off Jackson near King street, and has a giant, green leaf sign above the front door, but keep in mind the place is very small, so I'd advise calling ahead of time or getting there early. The food's some of the best Vietnamese I've ever had, and the service is amazing, very personal and not intrusive. Also they serve yours truly's fave dessert (besides certain parts of a certain someone!), flan, made to look like something the folks on Star Trek would eat. Sweetie also had the 'banana cake' and we shared, so I highly recommend this too. Go in and say I sent ya!

And now, for you who love the serial story 'Prayerland', eat up this new episode!

It was a glorious day. Colder than any Spring we'd had before this, even with the 'warming, but as Jelly, Lisa, Jeremy and I giggled in the shower, trying to all crowd in at the same time, and deciding that we'd do doubles, and mix it up until we'd all been in together and had the orgasms we'd been to sleepy to have last night. I guess we never thought about the fact that we had enough hot water for once, or how much of a miracle this was, and honestly, with my face between Jelly's legs and my hand in Lisa's bush, I didn't much care, but something unnerving started to nibble around the edges of my mind like a rat determined to make itself known. So, when Jelly said later that two of the 'skaters down on the third floor knew of a party in one of the 'hinterland' warehouses, I thought of asserting myself in my 'sheriff' persona, but Jelly seemed so happy, and the sun was even shining a bright, manic light into our dreary little place in the middle of chaos. So, after a meager, but satisfying breakfast, we all set out, a happy, little band, determined to go anywhere we damned well felt like going, just as long as we remembered to look over our shoulders from time to time to see if The Law was on our tails.

Jelly, Lisa and the two 'skaters, Mop and Voorsha (they looked like twins and it took a lot of looking to see that they were guys, Queers and still healthy, free of 'the virus'-the plague that no one knew where it came from, that killed one third of the African population and decimated the best and brightest of both Queer communities and 'mixed' communities, was still called 'the virus' by an outraged, helpless Queer community) practically skipped off to search out the party. I hung with Jeremy in a twitchy, awkward dance of conversation bursts that mostly consisted of things like 'isn't today so perfect' 'yes' and 'How long you know Lisa', mostly silence to that last part, just a few mumbles about 'she mostly kept to herself', and 'she saved my ass more than once'. Then something wild and edgy took over my good sense and before I knew it we were in the old sports stadium that had been built by some narcissistic billionaire and was one of the first 'sacrifices' the city made when funding started drying up. Too bad the plan to turn the space into more housing got pissed on by that, the last real local government we'd known.

'Yeah, I was pretty good back in the day,' Jeremy had found some old, dusty baseball bats and what was left of a couple of baseballs and together we put broken stadium seat bottom in place for bases and home. 'I watched a couple of games when I was little&before my mom&' The thread died, like a match going out, one minute conversation, the next memories of men in black suits putting my mother in a dark windowed car, and the look or fear and uncertainty o her face. That was when they were taking away any woman who helped in clinics still offering any kind of birth control information or doing the few abortions they could get away with. Some left for points North, but after a few years, our government made some back room deal and it became illegal to even have a passport, let alone travel to Canada or anywhere not controlled by the religious fanatics that had taken over every segment of our government by then. 'I'm sorry&, Hey, you want to pitch me a few&for old times sake?'

We put some space between us in the crumbling ruin that had once been filled with fans and teams that increasingly became more expensive and less worthy of the public's scanty dollars. I looked up and it had started to cloud over, and a biting wind was whipping my locks into my face, stinging my eyes, but I decided to indulge our new 'ject guest' and so I tossed him the frayed ball and he swung, missed and cursed, then hit the next one I threw. I chased him, like I was a whole team, and when we both went down in the ripped up dirt that had been a very pretty field at one time, I decided to see if what Lisa said about him was true.

'I thought we were playing baseball,' the look on his face as he looked up at me, rain now falling in a heavy downpour around us, was as much intrigued as it was fearful. What did I know his eyes said to me, and I held his wrists even tighter, felt his sex harden in his uniform pants under my sex. 'Thought I'd change to something more&interesting&' He looked really worried now, and suddenly we were really wrestling, his body pinning mine, mine flipping him over, both of getting wet and muddy and me getting hornier the more he fought me. 'Take your clothes off.' 'No, no! I'm not stripping here, look&' But I wasn't going to be refused now. Wasn't he the bottom and I the top, and wasn't he my prey? I don't know why I thought that, but somehow, as I pulled at his clothes, pulled at my own, and we both ended up shirtless, naked sex to naked sex, I did feel primal, almost feral. 'That little bitch, Lisa put you up to&' I held him down, and even though we both knew he could push me off him at any time, he didn't fight me anymore when I kissed him, and slid him into me, surprised that he didn't hurt me and surprised at how easy it was to move into a dance I'd only known as a hate crime, forced on me by those who wanted my surrender, wanted to shame me into silence for their pleasure.

Jai Lin watched her lover, barely covered by the babydoll gown they'd bought together, in secret from one of the stores inside the Fortresses of Light, when her father was away on one of his many made up 'business trips'. There were no real business trips, no real business, just visits to one of the other members of his little 'consortium', of other displaced corporate heads, and talks of 'the old days' often occupied their time, as well as the 'slave auction'. There, young women these pathetic and yet still powerful men considered attractive, who were kidnapped from 'jects around town, or from warehouse shelters, were made to perform, to parade and to service in some way the lecherous desires of her fathers' 'friends'. Some of the women were drugged and returned to the world, and others disappeared. No record of their ever having lived, anywhere remaining, and no one ever came to find them either. Where would they look, Jai Lin thought bitterly, as she watched Pjttz pull the antique silver brush they'd bought together from an artist near 'the hinterlands', through her long, blue-streaked black hair.

'You look very pretty today my angel flower,' Pjttz leaned back on Jai Lin's chest, let Jai Lin fondle her new breasts, move her hands down to the delicate folds of what had once been a penis, and now was a woman's sex organ. They'd had to pay dearly for this body, bribing, lying and hiding Pjttz from Jai Lin's father while the transformation occurred, even going so far as to kidnap a young girl for one of her father's more perverted 'friends' (Jai Lin forced that thought from her mind, telling herself that would be another sin her father would pay for when he died at her hands), to secure a doctor, the medicine and a sterile room in a former hospital, and round the clock after care for her precious one. 'Yes, almost as pretty as you my sweet,' their lips met and Jai Lin felt herself lost in that muzzy world of delight that always surrounded her when she was with Pjttz, her beloved.

The child was not looking at the man's face, and if she didn't look at him, she almost didn't feel the pain he inflicted, or the animalistic sounds he made in his brutish act. Her family had been hauled away like cattle by men she'd never seen in the rundown tent town she and several other families and a few single people, who kept to themselves, lived. She didn't know if her father, who'd tried to stop the men from taking her, lived through the beating (she'd stopped looking then, and turned to the dream she had of the place where animals talked like people), and she wondered where her mother was. Then something bright caught her eye and pain brought her back to the man, to his smell, a mixture of flowers, alcohol and something that smelled old and unpleasant. She wanted to cry out, but for some reason, only a gurgling sound emerged and the taste in her mouth of rust and a strange sweetness told her what her mind wouldn't believe, she was about to die. But that bright something that was coming toward her, and the face of a girl, about her age, with hands outstretched toward her, her this skinny child, dying in this unfamiliar place. 'Come to me, little one, come to me and leave this behind you,' The girl closed her eyes, feeling life drain out of her, barely hearing the raspy breath of the man, who now that his desires had been satisfied, simply pushed her off the bed onto the floor, a thing no longer needed. But, in P'I'a'leggji, Miracle held a little girl, who was very much alive, and together they walked to the woman who looked like an elephant, (if elephants were able to look like humans). Everyone sang, and Miracle knew this first 'task' they had given her, had been a good thing, so she sang too.

Gyyrr was staring with grave eyes into the eyes of two of his best lieutenants, a male and female over whose buiinjoj he'd stood for when they were of age. He'd watched them grow into this delicately beautiful pair and known their children, Pajj and Kieff. Now, here they were with a 'slithie', in the graizs wood bonds of their kind, the kind the avian tribe used to trap food during the troubles, before the treaty had been made between all tribes. He looked into the terrified eyes of the young 'slithie' male and for a moment, his blood boiled, thinking of one of his own who had been murdered before him in the 'slithie' cave only weeks ago. He thought of pulling his blade from where it rested at his side, and dispatching the male quickly and painlessly, something that had not happened with his kiinjaa. But he was High Aetjjri and so he had to be more cool-headed than his lieutenants had been. He stepped down from the seat of carved wood where he sat and stood before the group.

'How are you called, 'slithie',' The black eyes glittered up at him, defiance dawning there and he knew he would get no answer. In another situation, he would have admired the bravura of the captured S'e'I'ljji, but now, knowing how far things had gotten out of control, he only felt a dark, certain resignation building in him and a deep sadness that all he had known, all his tribe had known was being dismantled piece by bloody piece, day by day. 'And what of you two, my oroun, my kirjn? This is not what we do, not anymore. Why?" The woman looked at him, held up her own blade, a slim thing the color of sunlight, that gleamed in the firelight of their Ruaat. Gryrr could see that there was blood on the edge of the blade and knew the marks on the S'I'el'ijji had been made by this blade, probably when they captured him, or perhaps at the end of a hunt. A hunt! How had the last weeks come to this strange, and evil place?

'Kill him, kill him now,' Gryrr turned to see Majooka walking with fierce determination out of the shadows of the inner Ruuat space, and she too held a blade in her hand. The two others began singing an old battle kijj, and without thinking Gryyr joined, his hand on his blade, drawing in and raising it high above the little male's face, as he put his hand beneath the S'I'e'I'llg's chin and raised his head to face him. And he would have plunged the blade in with the others, but a new voice, one that he recognised from instinct memory, and that made his blood freeze, stopped him, stopped them all. 'Stop, put your blades away Feather Children, and you, tell me who has polluted the Waters of All Things with this, this Idea,' The owner of the voice came forward from another corner, or more truthfully, when he remembered it, she 'became' from motes of light and spark that hadn't been there a minute before. Now it was the S'I'elljt's turn to cower and when he looked into the face of the girl who stood before him, dressed in the gold and earth colored robe of the Elder Ones, he bowed his head and whimpered a sound that made the avians cringe.

It was late evening, a plum/bruise colored sky turning dark, and the same rain falling in an irritating spittle from the sky, as Jeremy and I returned to the 'ject. We didn't talk about what had happened and yet my skin felt like it was on fire. There was something new, something dangerous, something that could make bad things happen in the world of me and Jelly, and as we pushed ourselves into the door together, his shoulder brushing mine, I knew what had been nibbling along my mind. But what I didn't know, as we stood in the doorway of my bedroom, watching Lisa and Jelly sleep, arm in arm, naked as baby rats, that this was only a ripple in an ocean of what was to come. So, we did the only thing we could do at that moment, we stripped, took a long, long shower, moved our 'dance' to the couch in the living room, and tried to make all of the questions, fears and everything else just go away with our flesh.

So there you are my little chocolate-dipped strawberries! Hope it was as good for you, as it was for me and do e-mail me your thoughts, and ideas at, and an idea for Metro. If you want to get ahead of the 'tourist wave' about to hit our city and keep the streets from turning into parking lots, put more buses on the danged streets, and tell your drivers it's okay to move it a little faster when passengers say they need to get somewhere in a bloody hurry! I'm just sayin', ya know? And to a certain bus driver, hang in there sweetie, the pain gets easier with time. Buhbye! Oh, and also, do stop by the Sea-Tac Hilton and tell them I sent ya and enjoy their service extraordinaire.

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