April 28, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 17
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Popular Rise n' Shine fundraiser raises over $14,000
Popular Rise n' Shine fundraiser raises over $14,000
GO TO JAIL! Go directly to jail! Please collect $1,000 dollars.

That's the Judge's order at the 8th annual Rise n' Shine Big Bail Out. Devoted community members and supporters of Rise n' Shine spent a couple of hours behind bars at the Broadway Grill Western Jail and raised over $14,000 for kids affected by AIDS.

In cowboy hat and a black robe, Jail n' Bail Judge Rick North, Rise n' Shine's Development Director, gaveled the court into session and sentenced prisoners to secure bail money. To be released from jail, each scoundrel committed to raising bail money or be sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

That hussy Barbie Humphries, owner of Purr Lounge topped the celebrity list in the $1,000 level by raising over $2,200. In the $500 level, that dastardly devil Joel McClanahan had well over $1,600 for his bail. The event was sponsored by The Broadway Grill and Check Masters.

Rise n' Shine began in 1988 and offers emotional support and advocacy to children and teens affected by HIV and AIDS. "These kids need mentors, support groups, and a chance to spend a week at summer camp," challenged North. Currently, Rise n' Shine offers over 178 children and teens support services throughout the year.t

A Rise n' Shine press release


Picture 1/16: From left to right: Michael Dunlop, Rick North, Doug Whaley, Anthony Hesseltine

Picture 2/16: From left to right: Krista Fink, Danica Smith

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