April 28, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 17
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'Circus Contraption' hosts hilarious and creative pajama party
'Circus Contraption' hosts hilarious and creative pajama party
by E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

Seattle's one-ring circus, "Circus Contraption", held a fun-filled pajama party benefit on April 22 at Consolidated Works to help raise money to take their show "Grand American Traveling Dime Museum" to New York City this summer. They will also be performing this show in Seattle, in Magnuson Park, in July.

Guests paraded around in flannel p.j.'s, silk kimonos, lingerie and bath robes and other creative costumes. I noticed that people seemed a lot more relaxed in their cozy nightwear and the circus folks put a lot of effort into creating a great experience for everyone.

Providing blankets and pillows, a "mom" and "dad" and three boxes of pizza, (which mysteriously disappeared into a dark corner), it really felt like we were in a family room ready to have a raucous sleep over. Acrobat Evelyn Bittner said, "We've all been to enough parties where people stand around and look at each other. We wanted to host the kind of party that we would want to go to, where we can all play and join in the fun." They created a hilarious game of "Twister", "Spin the Bottle", "Truth or Dare", a room with a "Ouija" board, an uproarious performance by the Klezmer influenced Circus band "Orchestra Zirconium" and great acrobatics by "The Aerialistas" and "Dr. Calamari" and his partner, "Acrophelia".

There was a video bedtime story by "Grandma Watts" (singer, Reggie Watts in a babushka) and shadow hand puppetry by Louis Foxx. One of my favorite acts was "The Chinigans", singing, up-side-down chins with eyes, who led a rousing group sing-a-long of a very funny and surprising song entitled "I'm Gonna Tie You Up And Do Things To Your Wiener", which really got the audience in a silly spirit.

Around 200 people attended, opening their hearts and wallets to help make this a successful fundraiser for "Circus Contraption".

For information about "Circus Contraption" and their performance schedule, visit

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