April 28, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 17
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Section One - ALL STORIES

PRIDE 2006 - City approves permit for a political march and rally on Capitol Hill
The [Seattle LGBT] Center listened - and is now working collaboratively with our LGBTQ communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals to support those that want to continue the tradition of a political march and rally on Broadway/Capitol Hill.

"The Raise Your Voice March," on Sat., June 24th, will start with the Dyke Community Activists Rally at Seattle Central Commun
Center for LGBT Health held grand opening celebration
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN Staff Writer

There was cake, lots of cake (provided by Cake Therapy and Cupcakes Royale), which made the opening of the Center for LGBT Health, (which now houses both the Gay City Health Project and Verbena) felt like a Queer tea party. Coffee was provided by the shop that is part of the center, Kaladi Br
Popular Rise n' Shine fundraiser raises over $14,000
GO TO JAIL! Go directly to jail! Please collect $1,000 dollars.

That's the Judge's order at the 8th annual Rise n' Shine Big Bail Out. Devoted community members and supporters of Rise n' Shine spent a couple of hours behind bars at the Broadway Grill Western Jail and raised over $14,000 for kids affected by AIDS.

In cowboy hat
Vezina to manage the Washington Won't Discriminate Campaign
Equal Rights Washington committed to winning referendum battle

Equal Rights Washington (ERW) announced today that it will lend its political director, John Vezina, to the Washington Won't Discriminate campaign. Vezina brings extensive campaign experience and will manage the campaign to defend Washington's anti-discrimination law.
Efforts to overturn Anderson-Murray Civil Rights Bill losing momentum, Eyman claims
"It is a common tactic for them to use the press to try to make folks on our side pause rather than continue on the aggressive pace we've been on," said Anne Levinson, chair of Washington Won't Discriminate.

by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Tim Eyman, who is seeking to overturn Washington's new law banning discrimination b
Federal Way School Board ammends antidiscrimination policy to include sexual orientation
"Public schools are for everyone and I am asking that everyone have the right to feel safe and that they don't need to hide," said Lindsey Pothan, a Decatur High School student.

The Federal Way School Board voted Tuesday, April 25, to amend its anti-discrimination policy to include protections for LGBT students and teachers. The measure pa
High-style design event to benefit local AIDS organizations
The Seattle chapter of DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) will host a unique event celebrating high-style design on Thursday, May 11, from 6 to 9 pm. Tagged "GLAM! - think outside the box" proceeds from the event benefit DIFFA, which grants funds to local HIV/AIDS service organizations.

Staged amidst the designer showrooms
A Multi-faceted Political Agenda
When Equal Rights Washington created its legislative agenda for 2006, getting the anti-discrimination bill passed in the legislature was at the top of the list. We won that victory, working in partnership with many other community organizations, allied legislators, and Governor Gregoire. But as you know, no sooner had we raised a toast to progress more
Method to their mildness
The only thing I like better than a striking woman falling into my lap is a striking topic doing the same. When I read that 75 LGBT clergy from the United Methodist Church (UMC) had come out in an open letter to church leaders, I joyously prepared to write a hymn of admiration.

Now my hymn is evolving into a dirge.

Things b
IN THEIR OWN WORDS: State Sen. Adam Kline
What a life! We must have stolen fire from Zeus, for it seems the gods make us roll this rock up the mountain, year after year, only to see it roll down again. And year after year, with the leadership of Cal Anderson, then Ed Murray, we've pushed it back up, almost to the summit. Almost. It's always almost. We are almost there, we are never th more
Quentin Crisp: His last interview in America

Don: I'll try not to ask you the same old and dreary questions.

Quentin: I'll try not to give you the same old and dreary answers.

Don: I'd like to ask you something about the royal family. Seattle Drag Queen Erica Shame said: 'Give Queen Elizabeth a couple shopping bags and she'll look like a well dressed bag la
The Saga Continues - Absolutely tops!
No, this isn't about Tops with 10 inches. It's the ten things that a Gay man can do to improve his life. For those who like to go by the book, you can on this one. "10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Improve Their Lives" by Joe Kort. The achievement of happy, healthy, and satisfying lives by Gay men are knocked to hell and back. Due all in part to h more
In every room of your home there are hidden places where efficiencies can impact your quality of life and your wallet. Energy, water and space are valuable commodities that every consumer has to make decisions about in the lifetime of home ownership and maintenance.

Heating and Cooling: Comfort and Cost Savings

In my h




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