April 14, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 15
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Arts and Entertainment
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A love affair at Seattle Symphony
by Rod Parke - SGN A&E Writer

The best experiences are the hardest to describe. This Seattle Symphony concert with Mstislav Rostropovich conducting combined genius (composers) with genius (conductor) and whipped it all together with such warmth and humanity that it reminded one of what music is supposed to be about.

Rostropovich is no stranger to Seattle audiences.
THE THREE MUSKATEERS - swordfights its way romantically at The Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center
by E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

The Acting Company of New York, a 2003 Tony Honoree for Excellence in Theatre, performed "The Three Muskateers" on Friday, March 10th, as part of their three play touring repertoire at The Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center. This adaptation was taken from the Alexander Dumas novel. The Company was f
EXPLORING NEW YORK CITY - Avenue Q: Muppet Nostalgia
by E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

If you grew up with the Muppets and have a certain nostalgia for them, you'll probably enjoy this puppet and human musical. To be clear, Jim Hensen's organization has a prominently posted disclaimer about any association with this Muppet-"like" show next to the theatre box office and in the program.
The Strokes give rowdy Paramount Theatre crowd best show in years
in Bits & Bytes
PNB opens lavish Sleeping Beauty, SSO finishes Shostakovich Festival, Taproot's Prairie, Plowman at ACT
Bayard's: Elegant, gracious and professional

by E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

It was New Year's Eve. I emerged, with only a handful of others, from the Wall St. subway station, all quietly dispersing into the silent, foggy night. I marveled at the large, decorated Christmas tree which greeted me, its lights glowing in t
Win free movie passes online for The Notorious Bettie Page, starring Gretchen Mol
The Notorious Bettie Page is a provocative exploration of sexuality, religion and pop culture centering on the fascinating world of famous pin-up girl, Bettie Page. In an incandescent performance, Gretchen Mol stars as Bettie Page, who grew up in a conservative religious family in Tennessee and became a photo model sensation in 1950s New York. Bet more
Fateless is a surreal, low-key tale of a boy's journey to hell & back
by Derich Mantonela - SGN A&E Writer


Opens Friday at the Metro

I systematically avoid Holocaust movies. They are just too painful for me to watch. An exception was "The Pianist," which I more or less forced myself to see, and ended up appreciating and admiring.

Another is first-time Hungarian
Words of wonder and wisdom from a 'woman warrior' on the little screen and in real life
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

You may have missed this wonderful and very attractive actress (I did too), at the Emerald City Comicon earlier this month, but through the magic of print, you can still know what the actress who played 'Chia' for years on 'Farscape', thinks about Hollywood. And so many other things. Gigi Ed
Flesh, flesh and more flesh, all jiggling and being delightful at the Moisture Festival Burlesque
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Moisture Festival 2006

Burlesque (at The Liberty)

April 7th

From the first moment that German comedian Hacki Ginda stepped onto the poshy stage at the Liberty, in Fremont, I knew this show was going to be a little different from the other Moisture Festival shows

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