April 7, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 14
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Washington Won't Discriminate's campaign manager resigns
Washington Won't Discriminate's campaign manager resigns
Lorrie McKay cites a 'difference in style' as reason for departure by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Citing a "difference in style" between the Executive Committee of Washington Won't Discriminate and herself, former Campaign Manager Lorrie McKay resigned from her position this week. According to both parties, who spoke with the Seattle Gay News on Wednesday, the decision was amicable but the details behind McKay's decision were vague.

"I stepped down, because we had a difference in style - the committee and I. I felt like the differences were potentially detrimental to the campaign," said McKay. "I really had to ask myself if it was really more helpful for me stay or get out of the way. It was an incredibly difficult decision, but I decided it was the best thing for the cause; for me to step aside."

The campaign is seeking to retain a law recently passed by the Washington State Legislature, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The law took nearly three decades to pass, but now faces a possible ballot challenge from Tim Eyman's Referendum 65. Campaign Co-Chair Anne Levinson downplayed the affect of McKay's decision on Washington Won't Discriminate's efforts.

"It's pretty normal for campaigns. But the good news is that there is a great core of people with an amazing amount of enthusiasm around the state to pitch in," she said. "So, we will keep moving on. We got staff here to hold down the fort in the interim while go on to interview a range of campaign manager candidates."

McKay held the post for only four weeks, but said in that time she and the campaign committee helped to lay the ground work for a successful campaign. "I think we have made a difference in the last four weeks," she said. "The office is open and ready for volunteers. Fundraising is going well. ... This campaign committee is strong and they do great work and they will bring in another campaign manager who will lead this effort to November and we'll win."

Levinson said a search for the next campaign manager has begun. "Since we have staff, the [Executive Committee] and so many things that are moving forward at a good pace, we won't rush it," she said. "We'll expand the pool if there are others out there. We know that there are a lot of talented people - both in this state and in other states. ... We are looking to see who has the best skills for a statewide effort."

Campaign staffer Marjorie Skotheim, who has been doing field and communications work among other duties for Washington Won't Discriminate, will be among those who will "hold down the fort in the interim," according to Levinson.

McKay resigned last month as the assistant to King County Executive Ron Sims' chief-of-staff to take the position at Washington Won't Discriminate. She told the SGN has no immediate career plans, but will continue to volunteer for the campaign - as needed - while she works on projects around her home.

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