April 7, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 14
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Seattle Gay News to cover Madonna tour in San Jose; James Blunt signs poster for Gay Pride; The Strokes shop and mingle at Easy Street Records; Sufjan Stevens wins New Pantheon Music Prize
Seattle Gay News music writer Richard Kennedy covering Madonna concert

She isn't coming here. So we're going to her. Seattle Gay News is bringing you exclusive coverage of Madonna's "Confessions Tour" from San Jose, California. My fellow music writer Richard Kennedy, whose eyes I should probably poke out, is flying down to catch all the action when The Material Girl hits the stage for the third show of her US/UK summer tour. The multi-Grammy winner announced her itinerary this week and once again Seattle was absent from the list. She's refused to play here in over a decade. What the fuck is that about? Supposedly, she was unimpressed with the last venue she performed at in Seattle. You might recall an eyesore called The Kingdome? Well, that shithole is the reason Madonna has kept her distance from the Puget Sound for years. I don't blame her. That stadium sucked. Anywho, Madonna kicks off her tour at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival next month and continues with dates in Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston and Miami. The tour concludes in Amsterdam in early September. Tickets for all Madonna concerts go on sale Saturday, April 8, at Ticketmaster outlets or online at Visit for more information. Look for exclusive Madonna coverage in the Seattle Gay News in late May.

James Blunt autographs poster for Seattle Gay News and Gay Pride

Singer-songwriter-cutie pie James Blunt gave an amazing performance Monday night at the Paramount Theatre. The audience was heavily comprised of two camps, Gay boys and straight women. Same thing, really. Blunt played every song on his Back to Bedlam album, including flawless versions of "High", "Tears and Pain", "Cry", "Wisemen" and "So Long, Jimmy". The emotional ballad "No Bravery" was paired with footage from poverty, war-torn stricken areas. Blunt closed out his show with a two-song encore that featured his number one smash hit "You're Beautiful". Did I mention there were lots of Gay boys at the show? Well, it bears repeating. Blunt interacted frequently with the crowd, smiled throughout the performance, made a joke about his voice being so high that he could sing like a girl and revealed that the Paramount Theatre is a personal favorite of his. He opened for Jason Mraz at this very same theatre back in November and five months later he sells out every seat in the house as a headliner. Wow!

After the concert, my friend and I went backstage to meet Blunt in person. We were squeezed into a tiny group of music biz representatives and Starbucks folks. We were escorted into a small dressing room on the second level of the theatre, and within minutes Blunt walked in smiling and began introducing himself to everyone. He was quite friendly. A representative from his record label requested that he personally introduce us, which he did. I gave Blunt a folder of Seattle Gay News clips that mentioned he and his album. I also gave him a T-shirt with a naughty expression on it, which I bought at The Crypt before the show. He liked it a lot. And then I asked him to sign a few items, including a poster for Gay Pride. He gladly signed everything I brought with me, and nicely shook my hand and my friend's hand before exiting the room. A tipsy woman asked him to sign her boobs and Blunt kindly replied, "I don't feel comfortable doing that". Neither would I.

The autographed poster of James Blunt will be framed and made available for a free giveaway in June. I'll announce how you can win it next month. By the way, Blunt is a small guy with no ass. But he's adorable in person and a total sweetie.

The Strokes' Casablancas and Morretti shop and meet with Josh Homme at Easy Street Records

Where do rock stars shop for music when they come to town? The Strokes prefer Easy Street Records in Queen Anne. Lead singer Julian Casablancas and drummer Fab Morretti (aka Drew Barrymore's protein shake) were spotted at the store Monday night, shortly after an in-store performance by the Eagles of Death Metal. The drummer of that group is Josh Homme, whose full-time gig is guitarist and vocalist for Queens of the Stone Age. Confused? Me too. All you need to know is that The Strokes are fabulous. Eagles of Death Metal are fabulous. Queens of the Stone Age are fabulous. And Easy Street Records in Queen Anne, where I empty out my wallet several times a month, is fabulous. I wasn't told if Jules and Fab bought anything in the store, though I did find out that they're cuter in person. Had I been there, I would've bent them over my knee and spanked them simultaneously like African drums. I'm dirty like that.

Witty, brilliant singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens wins cool music prize

Speaking of people you'd want to share a hot tub with, Sufjan Stevens won the New Pantheon Music Prize this week for his stunning album Illinois (SGN's Top Ten Albums/CDs, 2005). The ridiculously talented singer-songwriter has been under the radar for several years, penning songs about people and places in various parts of the country. An ode to Stevens' Midwestern home state, Illinois sparkles with ear-tingling sounds, sweeping backgrounds and clever lyrics that give you a shiny, happy glow. Stevens also made the SGN's Hot Artists List of 2005, mainly because he's scrumptious and because we saw tremendous potential for his star to rise. And boy, did his star rise! He'll perform live at the Sasquatch Music Festival in late May. A select panel that included Sir Elton John, Elijah Wood, Suzanne Vega and John Legend voted on the New Pantheon Music Prize, an offspring of the former Shortlist Music Prize.

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