April 7, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 14
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Amy Yee Tennis Center receives TV gift from LGBT tennis group
Amy Yee Tennis Center receives TV gift from LGBT tennis group
by Liz Latham - Special to the SGN

On Saturday evening, April 1, 2006, the Seattle Tennis Alliance donated a brand new 27" flat screen Sharp television set to the Amy Yee Tennis Center (formerly known as the Seattle Tennis Center) located on Martin Luther King Way in Seattle, Washington.

The Seattle Tennis Alliance, Seattle's only LGBT tennis group, wanted to show their appreciation for the 10-plus years of great service the Seattle Tennis Alliance had received by giving the center the brand new television set. During the winter months, the Amy Yee Tennis Center opens up the courts on Saturday night from 8-10 PM to host the STA. Members of the STA spend a great deal of time in the viewing room waiting for their turn on the courts.

The staff of the center have stayed late in the evenings, often past closing time, and have been kind and gracious to all of the players the STA brings in from all around the world. "At our Evergreen Championships held over the Fourth of July weekend, they've just always treated us like family. So, we have been very fortunate to have the tennis center," says STA Board President Tony Hill.

David Cain, who has been on the staff for the past 10 years at the tennis center, said, "We are enjoying the television very much, as are the other patrons of the center."

A plaque was donated by Pat Solberg, a senior women's player of the Seattle Tennis Alliance and a player who has been with the group since its inception in 1991. It was Solberg's idea to give the TV to the tennis center. "We wanted to thank the staff and the tennis center for 10-plus years of partnership and enjoyment. They go on beyond the call of duty for us," she said.

There were over 10 members from the Seattle Tennis Alliance present at the presentation ceremony as well as two Amy Yee staff members and one USTA NW official. Anthony Scafaro, a three-year member of the STA and past STA board secretary said that the cake was wonderful and the TV gift was wonderful too, because they had such a tiny little screen that could hardly be seen.

"Now you can actually sit here and watch something while you are waiting to get on court, so it's kind of nice. It does show that we appreciate everything that they do for us. This is our home," said Scafaro.

Scafaro, he spends three nights a week at the center, also noted that the STA is a great place to meet people. He met some great people, including the person he is currently dating.

The Seattle Tennis Alliance hosts Tuesday and Thursday social doubles starting in the Spring. Please visit their website at for a complete list of social activities and membership opportunities.

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