April 7, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 14
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SGN EXCLUSIVE - Ed Murray talks with SGN about his race for state Senate
I believe that if any one of the four of us Gay legislators had been in the Senate these last four years or if Cal had lived, the Civil Rights Bill would have been passed years ago," said State Rep. Ed Murray.

by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

State Rep. Ed Murray announced on Saturday, April 1, that he will be seeking the 43rd District Senate seat, which inc
GSBA marks a quarter century
by Liz Meyer - SGN Contributing Writer

The Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), the nation's largest LGBT and Allied chamber of commerce, celebrated its 25th anniversary at a recent awards dinner at Seattle's Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The GSBA is perhaps best known for its annual guide, called the "Gay Bible" by some locals for
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Executive Sims signs Transgender protections into law
"It was long overdue. It is not just good public policy, it is good people policy," said King County Executive Ron Sims.

King County Executive Ron Sims signed a historic measure today updating and standardizing the King County code to protect the rights of sexual minorities.

The County Council passed Ordinance 15399 on March 27, 2
Washington Won't Discriminate's campaign manager resigns
Lorrie McKay cites a 'difference in style' as reason for departure by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

Citing a "difference in style" between the Executive Committee of Washington Won't Discriminate and herself, former Campaign Manager Lorrie McKay resigned from her position this week. According to both parties, who spoke with the Sea
King Council CounProminent Chicago religious leaders ask Federal appellate court to end the Pentagon's extraordinary funding for Boy Scout Jamboreecil adds gender identity to nondiscrimination code
CHICAGO, IL - Two well-known Chicago religious leaders have asked a federal appellate court in Chicago to uphold the basic constitutional principle of government neutrality between religious groups and secular groups and bar the Pentagon from the extraordinary spending of millions of dollars to support future Boy Scout Jamborees (the only youth org more
What can you do to support Washington state's new law banning discrimination against gays in housing, employment and insurance?
New legal strategy unveiled to achieve equality for Oregon same-sex couples
Basic Rights Oregon filed the first in a series of planned lawsuits Wednesday in Multnomah County court

PORTLAND, OR - At a press conference in Portland Wednesday morning, Basic Rights Oregon announced its newest strategy to advance equality in Oregon courts as it filed the first in a planned series of lawsuits designed to address the
Capitol Hill Massacre: Questions and confrontations await city officials at town meeting
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN Staff Writer

After the brutal murders of six young people on Capitol Hill two weeks ago, many were left looking for answers or some way to make sense of the aftermath. To that end, the City Council, the Mayor's office and the Miller Community Center came together last week to give the neighbors a chance t
Star Trek's Mr. Sulu to embark on a nationwide speaking tour
'Equality Trek' to include six cities, not Seattle

The Human Rights Campaign announced that George Takei, "Star Trek"'s Mr. Sulu, will embark on a nationwide speaking tour through six cities, speaking about his life as a Gay Japanese American and encouraging others to share their stories. Takei will also serve as a spokesman for HRC's Comi

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