February 24, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 08
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Series on the separation of church and state to be held
Series on the separation of church and state to be held
The Assault on Evolution: Defending Religious Liberties

March 4, 2006, 3:30 - 5:30 PM

Temple Beth Am (2632 NE 80th St., Seattle)

Temple Beth Am, a North Seattle Reform Jewish congregation, joins two other area Jewish Reform congregations, Temple B'nai Torah and Temple DeHirsch-Sinai, in presenting the first of a series of three programs on a timely and important topic: the Constitutional separation of religion and state. The public is invited to attend.

Dr. David Domke, UW Department of Communications, will speak on the power of language in politically charged public discussion, highlighting the use of Christian fundamentalist language by those who aim to break down the Constitutional wall between religion and state. Such use of religious language and symbols in a political context simplifies complex issues into "right or wrong", with non-fundamentalists winding up on the "wrong" side of the argument. Professor Domke is the author of God Willing? Political Fundamentalism in the White House, the "War on Terror", and the Echoing Press, published by Pluto Press in 2004.

Dr. Joseph Felsenstein, UW Department of Biology, will address the scientific background of evolution, and how so-called "Intelligent Design" promoted by Seattle's Discovery Institute and others is misleading. Professor Felsenstein uses evolutionary theory and principles in his research in the genome sciences and will contrast the scientifically-tested theory of evolution with the flawed, religiously-oriented claims of creationists. Professor Felsenstein has published extensively in scientific journals.

Additional programs in the series:

o April 22, 2006: "Faith-Based Initiatives" (presented at Temple B'nai Torah,


o May, 2006 (date TBA): "Privacy Rights" (presented at Temple De Hirsch-Sinai, Seattle)

A Temple Beth Am press release

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