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February 24, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 08
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Theme, logo and early details revealed for Vancouver Gay Pride 2006
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A&E Writer

How many Vancouver boys can you pick up at a parade and bring back to your hotel room? I don't know. But let's find out together.

The trees may be bare and the Tony nominations have yet to be announced, though it isn't too early to think about Vancouver Gay Pride, taking place Jul
Coronation 2006: Emperor and Empress of Seattle crowned
by David Luc Nguyen and Teriyaki Temple - SGN A&E Writer

It looked like a Gay circus as the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle hosted Coronation 2006: A Polynesian Affair last Saturday, February 18th at the Mountaineers Club.

As guests opened the double doors leading into the Olympus Ballroom they were
L.A.'s new Disney Hall: Great sound, great music, great fun
by Rod Parke - SGN A&E Writer

With far too many of our friends moving to Palm Springs, my partner Dale and I decided to escape from the Seattle rain and visit PFLAG activists Mike and Carol Balasa, with a side trip to experience Los Angeles' new Walt Disney Concert Hall. A prominent New York critic recently called LA the new epicenter o

in Bits & Bytes
Dirty Little Showtunes! scores at Thumper's, Que Sera, Sera opens at Cabaret de Paris, Sarah Rudinoff offers Last Year's Kisses
Black History Month celebrated with film honoring Lesbian poet Audre Lorde
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

I got to tell my personal story about meeting Lesbian poet and activist Audre Lorde, (who succumbed to cancer in the mid-nineties), and others got to learn more about the self-proclaimed 'warrior', mother and GBLT rights activist last week at the monthly Radical Women meeting. The meeting, whic
Capitol Hill High, Episode One: The Queen Isn't Dead Yet at Capitol Hill Arts Center

by Maggie Bloodstone - SGN A&E Writer

O, that vale of fevered egos, insecurities, hormones, and neuroses-that Petri dish of social malfunction, that seventh circle of Hell&of course, I'm talking about high school. This is the place where our b
A completely different film that'll make you believe in going to the movies again
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer


Directed by Michael Goorjian

Starring: Kirk Douglas, Michael Goorjian, Karen Tucker, Ron Marasco, Richmond Arquette, Ted Raimi, Bryan Cranston, Kristen Clement, Eugenjy Voronin

Opens February 24th

The Meridian (Seattle) & Lincoln Square (
Tim Miller explores Gay rights issues in Us
by E. Joyce Glasgow - SGN A&E Writer

Tom Miller is angry and rightfully so. He has a beautiful, twelve year relationship with his partner Alistair, an Australian. Alistair has received two work visas in the U.S. to teach writing in California. However, the catch here is that after two work visas, you may only remain in the U.S. with a gr
Final Destination 3 is a pretty intense ride
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Final Destination 3

Directed by James Wong

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winsted, Ryan Merriman, Lewis Romero, Leon Equinox, Amanda Crew, Crystal Lowe, Maggie Ma, Patrick Gallagher, Agam Darshi, Sam Easton

Now playing

True story. I was so rattled and te

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