February 17, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 07
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Monday, Apr 12, 2021



Lipstick and Lust
The love is all over, and post birthday thoughts, Lipstick and Lust is popping, hopping and looking forward to more topping
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN Contributing Writer

First, it must be said. David Letterman, stop with the 'Brokeback Mountain' jokes and CBS stop pre-empting the funny part of my day, 'The Late Night Show with Craig Ferguson', by putting on lame golf tournaments. Okay, now on to better and more delicious things. Ah, bliss is mine, as I have not one, but two marvelous Valentine's to celebrate with - one on 'V-Day' and the other the day after. How cool is that? Hella cool, let me be the first to tell ya! And The Big Birthday - which just ended two weeks ago, watching the Seahawks with friends at my fave dessert place, The Cheesecake Factory - was all the way live. Heck it was by every means the best birthday yours truly has ever had and thanks to all of my true loves and friends for making me the center of the universe for two of the best weeks of my life. But, special thanks to folks at The Wet Spot who made sure I had my 'birthday spanking' and also made it possible for me to have the best sex I've ever had, as well as do some topping with two sweet lasses that'll be filling the pages of the 'little blue book in my head' for some time to come. Hoo yah!

And did I get to try some new and wonderful products to tell you about? Yes, I did, and I also went with 'new honey' to one of the best sushi places I've ever had the delight to feast in, a weekend ago. Do be adventurous and leave the hill for the more rural expanse of Puyallup and get thee to Ichiban Sushi Garden (located at 127 15th Street, S.E. in Puyallup. The food is to die for, especially their 'stuffed pumkin' and 'stuffed tomatoe', as well as the gyosas, which are just right and delish. Also try their 'salmon sashimi' with avocado, and Seattle roll. Mostly, just be adventurous and you can't go wrong, as everything is tasty, fresh and satisfying, and if you're like me, the sushi will get you thinking (and hopefully your date!) about other 'sushi' if you get my meaning. Go see them and say I sent you.

So, things to try. I tried the 'Food Cream' and 'Amande Milk Concentrate Body Moisturizer from L'Occitane and just loved them both. Makes your skin want to purr with joy, believe me. Also try Jack Black's 'Silver Mark'-one of several 'signature' men's fragrances you can pick up in the men's department at Nordy's and also try the 'Valentino Absolu' and 'Chocolovers' eau de cologne's for women, as well as the 'Super Line Eye' from Prescriptives.

Finally, if you like your lips to look kissable (and who doesn't my luvs?), try out the Prescriptives glosses, that they can mix just for you, on the spot, so you have the best look imaginable and lips ready for your loved one's lips. Just say 'pucker up' honey and have fun!

And, before I give you your next smashing dose of 'Prayerland, the D'I'a'leggj' (pronounced 'Day zhoo') Chronicles', I must say something to my straight sisters. Luvs, you have to stop thinking about spiky heel shoes and guys and toughen up and get your macha on. I've been watching the news lately and women are being beat up, raped and killed and it pisses me off, mainly because I know this is just more of the same patriarchal crap we've been fighting for years, manifesting itself. You know what I'm talking about. The old right-wing, anti-feminist backlash that has women competing with each other and teetering around on those cute, but impractical shoes, so that they are appealing targets who are unable to run away, and too skinny to fight back.

Grrrlz, take it from a Dyke, who knows she can't count on a man to protect her from whatever crazies are out there (not that I want to count on men anyway). You have to be grounded when you go out and not act like you're in a hair commercial, or walking the runway with Tyra. Learn to box, learn to shoot a gun - hey, no one messes with armed women - learn to like your sisters enough to go in groups (I like the idea of a pack of strong women walking down the street, facing down those asshole attackers) when you go out. Learn from us who have been targets since we first came out - your first rule is to protect yourself and live and help other women do the same. Am I clear here? Good, now on to 'Prayerland, The D'I'a'leggj Chronicles' (and look for the sidebar in this column with pronunciations of the new words!).

'Yum, you taste good, new thing&' I knew I was dreaming, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the oral pleasure I was being given by the beautiful cat woman (and she was indeed a 'cat woman', not anything like Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt from the shows I'd watched too long ago). Hell, she even purred as she dug her claws into my naked ass, a sensation not entirely unpleasant, even though the pain was a little more than I was used to having as part of a sexual experience. Not that I hadn't played it a bit on the kink, but this, this was something entirely out there, even for me. 'Y'aagee! What in the name of Bastet do you think you're doing!' The tongue was gone, just before I felt an orgasm like nothing I'd ever felt rip through me like wildfire in the 'hinterlands', and suddenly I was pressed into the pillows I lay on, claws digging into my flesh, this time not pleasantly, but painfully. I heard low growling, and then my furry lover was leaping through the air, falling to with another of her kind, another cat woman, only this one was larger, black as darkness, with fierce green eyes. My lover was soft, with blue-grey fur and eyes like yellow green fire.

They tussled, biting, scratching and spitting, saying words I couldn't understand, but that I knew were curses, while I cowered, naked under a silky something I'd barely noticed until this moment. 'Dog's bitch!' 'Eww Man footrest!' And they would have gone on fighting, but suddenly there was a strange, loud hissing that came into the room like shadow and became a very tall woman who licked out a forked tongue, and glared at the two cat women with wise, but lethal black eyes, and watching her stand there, my blood went cold. What part of hell had my dreams taken me to of late? With a speed I would have thought impossible in any human I knew of, she was at my side, her hand (which was eerily warm, but reptilian) under my chin, making me look into her depthless black eyes. 'Yesssss, I can sssssee what they sssssaw in yyyyyou&' The tongue flicking again, only this time, it touched my cheek, lingered and I could feel our minds touching, hear her voice in my head, feel her searching my memories. I tried to move away from her, but found I was paralyzed and then I remembered Jai Lin and that version of another hell. 'Don't fight me&it'll only hurt yyyyou then my unfurrrred one&ttttthere&.tttthere&.yessss&.' I heard my own scream echoing, and then darkness swallowed me like the mouth of some huge serpent, taking with it the sound of 'Noooooo&.' From my captor, as I found myself back in my bed, shivering beside Jelly.

'Baby, baby, wake up, baby&' I shook my head and was infinitely relieved to be looking into the soft, blue eyes of my love, my lady, Jelly. I buried my face in her breasts, happy to smell familiar scent , to find my hands tangled in the wild, red locks of the woman who kept my shit from flying into pieces on more than one occasion. She looked at me and I could see the concern and deeper than that, the fear in her faded sky eyes. I wanted to curl into that warm softness, and whimper like a child, but the little shred of 'street Dyke' I had left after the encounter with Jai Lin and her evil Morte brothers, kept me from doing that. Still, I let Jelly's arms go around me and rock me gently, her locks tickling my face and neck at the same time. Then, something more primitive surface in me and I remembered the almost orgasm I'd had in my strange vision/dream, and pushing Jelly down, riding on top of her, grinding my sex into hers, I was back in charge, the dream and everything but joy and pleasure forgotten in that moment of lust with my lady. We came shrieking like wild creatures and I even found myself digging my nails into her soft back, like we too were animals. Then we slept again.

'You were foolish Y'aa'gee, and for that you must pay. ' It was Gyrrvin, their K'jaat speaking and his will was law, as everyone of their tribe knew. Still, Moolu, who had seen and who knew, was on her knees, her tail down, her fur down, showing she was less, begging for mercy for her Kit Mate. A pitiful mewling whimper went up among the others of her Lair, all feeling the shame and fear of watching their Kit Mate stretched before them between The Two Poles in front of The Sacred Fire. They all knew Grryvin would not really hurt Y'aa'gee with the fire, but they knew he would make her feel fear so she would not stray again and they feared too, some them having been in this place themselves before. 'We know our natures, all of us, in our time, and she was in her time, wanted to merely taste, not disrespect, to learn, to know&' her pleading was cut short by the swift cuff she received from the large paw of Gyrrvin, who bared teeth and raised fur to show his status and to show that he was to be feared and respected by all.

'Forgive me Prime One, I have much to learn yet&' With that all voices quieted and Gyrrvin, a large male with fire-colored fur and the white crest of the Royal Born on his chest, stood, and strode toward where his once Blood Time Mate hung before the Sacred Fire. He looked deep into the Dark Time Place, when their kind were tossed into similar fires by Eww Mans who thought them evil and his thoughts spread to the others, to Y'aa'gee. Whimpers rose to howls rose to high pitched sounds that no Eww Man could ever live through, as all were burned, all knew fear, all went into the Dark Time Place with Gyrrvin and Y'aa'gee for The Punishing. And somewhere, outside of their lair, the S'I'eelt wriggled together and had a different kind of ritual, one where they spoke things that were not to be spoken, of the possibility that, at last, they could be brought back into The Tribal Circle, and how finally, they might bring down the clan of the D'I'a'leggj and rule over P'I'eleggj again. And looking into her own fire, her mate Imaj beside her, sleeping after their Moon Mating, Mujouha saw the dark thing move again, saw the New Thing (Dee), sleeping beside her mate and felt her fur lift in alarm. The Truce was breaking and blood would once again stain the desert of P'eggl'a'letj.

When we woke, finally late in the day, Jelly was still wearing the worried look and when I went to hug her, she pulled away. Only slightly, but enough to ring bells inside my head. 'Honey, I think you should go and see Black Rachel&just to be sure&' She looked at me evenly, with no malice, no fear, but her face seemed older, like pain had started to nest there, and when she turned away from me to get out of bed, I saw the scratched I'd left on her back. 'Yeh, I guess&I'll go see her today&' We ate our meager breakfast silently, something scary and uncertain sitting between us unsaid, like an unwanted guest. And even though our routine was the same-check to see if there was water today, wash if there was, use the stored water if there wasn't, take the kids to the Kaybers, watching for Vex the whole time, kiss each other goodbye-something felt itchy, like it had felt before the big crash of nine had finally come and everything that was left, just fell to shit. Felt like a war was coming, like blood was in the air, maybe mine, or someone I knew and it made me feel all crunched in inside, but hyper alert too.

'See ya later sweet lips&' I tried to kiss her long enough to remember it into the street outside, enough to make sure I had a shield against whatever was coming next.. She put my hand inside her panties, there, and kissed me hard back. 'Just you make sure you come home without scars this time and I'll make you a happy woman tonight&' Now, now we were back again, cherished, gogging cherished and in that mood, I walked into the half sunny, half rainy day, and even started humming a tune I'd heard playing somewhere in our 'ject.

I was walking the block to Black Rachel's remembering some of our better moments, not the screaming hellion she'd turned into when we called it over, when a voice hollering something in a foreign language brought me to full attention. My feet went turbo and in two heartbeats I was in the shack that had served as Rache's home for the last seven years, after she lost her old house when the Homeland Housing Group decided that her view was worth money and kicked her and her neighbors to the curb. That's when the Fortresses of Light had started going up, as those with real cash, 'worthy cash' they called it, sort of banded together and closed themselves off from folks like me, Jelly and Rache. Now there was yelling and chaos coming from around her shack house, and something in me said, 'this is it, the bad thing, the beginning of more to come'.

She was laid out like meat on her floor, and I don't know what was worse, the sight of what had been a pool of blood under her head, or the smell, telling me this had happened at least a day ago. The woman who had been yelling, came in with the sounds of others making the same weird hollering, sounding like birds that had been spooked by a cat, grabbing their heads and tearing at themselves. These were the latest wave from what used to be Africa, but after thousands of years of war, famine, 'The Urban Plague' and one tribal skirmish after another, it was only a pitiful excuse for a continent. And everyone from there reacted the same way to everything terrible, as if this was a fresh crisis and somehow connected to everything that had happened to all of them before, all at the same bloody time. Me, I just lost my legs and crumpled beside the stinking mess that had once been my lover and puked my guts out, then cried until my throat hurt before the women pulled me from the place kicking screaming and crying like a newling. This, I knew was for my own safety, because eventually someone would call The Law, if they hadn't already done that and then there would be shit for anyone near this horror.

I sat in one spot in a woman named Spooli's shack-she and Rache had been friends, activists trying to keep their places from becoming tilled soil for one of the many Fortresses of Light, before some minor ego war put the kibosh on that relationship-drinking tea that burned my sore throat. Thinking, wondering, hating, and aching over the whole thing, tears still streaming down my face, letting people I didn't know feed me, pat me on the shoulder, try to hug me, except I wouldn't let them. I was too afraid of what I'd do if I gave in to the nuclear war going on in my head and in my gut, that place where I'm as animal wild as the women I'd dreamed about. Then, in the middle of all of this shit and insanity, I heard the bullhorns and knew The Law was coming and we all needed to be somewhere else and damned fast. After all, this ragged group never asked questions, they just barged in, started doing whatever their little weenie brains thought up and usually left much havoc behind them.

I was running with fire in my eyes, tasting the damage I'd do to anyone I ran into when I heeled smack into this femme, dressed up in 'boy law' clothes. The only way I knew she was a she was that I grabbed to keep from falling down, and got a fist full of boob, before she and I both landed all limbs on the pavement south of Rache's shack and the others. She got to her knees before I did and had her gun pointed at me before I could palm the blade I carried in my boot. We knelt there, her with her boy toy, and me with my hand sweaty on my blade, both of us trying to get the other one to make the mistake that would give us an advantage. And I started thinking she wasn't bad to look at, that she probably was just like me, or had been and we'd just made different choices in our career choices. I was barely scratching by on the little I got from some agency that set up after all the rest went belly up, and Rache had been the closest thing to a doctor that me and Jelly had, and here was this femme, in her riot gear, trying to take away my status as top of the line. I lunged and she lunged and somewhere along the way, I beat her gun out of her hand, she bit me, I punched her up a bit and ended up on top of her, sex to sex, the fantasy of every Dyke or femme. Only this wasn't the best time, since we both knew the real tough guys were probably on the hunt, having tired of whatever 'game' they'd devised as 'law and order' and would break up this little cat fight any minute now. 'Get off me and come with me if you don't want bad trouble,' I didn't budge and she tried to push me off, without success, and I have to admit I was enjoying this a bit when a familiar, but unwelcome voice cut through my lust like steel. 'Well, well, well, look at this little scene, will you? Won't miss be pleased,' It was one of the Morte's, Jai Lin's brothers, the ones I'd killed. How the fuck? I wasn't able to finish that thought as my little femme, with my attention diverted had wriggled free and was about to scurry away like a rabbit, when one of the Mortes (creepy how they looked exactly like the ones I'd left dead in that awful place before) raised his hand and the femme just fell like an exploded building going down. 'Come, Miss has things for you to do,' and that was that, we were out like old boxers, darkness a welcome home as the sound of bullhorns faded to nothing.

There my little marshmallow hearts, hope you enjoyed the newest episode and do e-mail me at and let my editor know you love, love, love this story so we can keep meeting like this dahlings. Mwah! Buhbye now!

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